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What's In a Name?

Posted May 25 2011 7:30pm
[Note - I updated Me Myself and Eye , Check it out!]

...that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Nothing like a little Shakespeare to get the blogpost rolling, aye? But jokes aside, today I figured I'd explain the meaning behind the name of my blog, "Apples of My Eye." It actually took me a little while to think up. I know, I know, people aren't supposed to judge a blog by its name just like they aren't supposed to "judge a book by it's cover." But come on! You know we ALL do it. I promise you that you're more likely to look at a blog titled "Mouthwatering Midnight Delights" than "Night Food When I'm Hungry at Twelve." (Ok so that example was a little lame, but you catch my drift). I knew that I wanted it to be something health related, and slightly personalized - but also something that would allow me to write about a variety of topics, not just health an exercise. Luckily, at the time that I was brainstorming ideas, I was happily whistling along to the song Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. (If you haven't listened to it you MUST...right now! It'll make you smile I promise.) And near the beginning of the song the boy Alexander says to the girl Jay "holy moly mee-oh-my you're the apple of my eye." It was just too perfect. I figured the blog title "Apple(S) of my Eye" would pretty much culminate the message I am trying to get across in a cute saying. The apples are sort of meant to signify the fact that I enjoy being healthy and health conscious (like apples are always on my eyes mind?). And I swear I practically eat an apple a day anyways, Jazz ones are my favorite :). I also liked how the apple was "of my eye" .... like I was giving a little my own perspective on health and wellness. Finally I decided to make the word apple into apple(s), because it sort of implies that I am going to discuss a lot of topics concerning health (not necessarily just ones involving eating and exercising!) Health is more of a lifestyle than anything else - and some nights the healthy thing to do might just be to go out for a drink with some friends!

I didn't get any photos of my eats today :( - ick I feel like a bad blogger already. I just need to figure out a way to take some photos of my meals without it being awkward! I still haven't told anyone about my blog yet and probably wont for a little while, it is something kind of personal and a little hard to explain, ya know? I promise there will be at least a few in my next post though! Nothing really exciting happened in terms of my eats today anyways... except I did go out to a lovely little sushi place with my mom for dinner tonight. I ordered miso soup, a salad with ginger dressing, and a brown rice california roll. All I can say is, THANK YOU JAPAN for creating such yummy food. Oh, and I also went for a nice 35 minute run this morning! It felt nice to be back up and running (literally) after about 4 days of pretty much sitting on my butt being sick.

Oh yeah, and I also may or may not have demolished this lovely slice of carrot cake for dessert after I got home! - someone take this cake out of the house before I eat the whole thing!

How did you come up with the name of your blog?
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