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What? My trainers are in synch with my time of the month?

Posted Mar 14 2010 5:41am

OK, you may think this sounds a little craaaaaazy!! But researchers at Asics clearly understand a woman’s needs and have gone and designed us trainers that change according to our menstrual cycle!!! High-to-the-five!!! This adapting to my needs thing must catch on!! I have a list of needs that need to be fulfilled each month and would rather like it if designers and product manufacturers the world over could satisfy them with such genius!! Is that too much to ask? Anyway, ASICS is the only footwear brand to research and address the hormonal differences of women (e.g. “excuse me please” versus “get out of my way asshole!!”) and the injuries they might suffer as a result - the latest research being featured within the ASICS GEL-KAyAno 16.

The shoe is based on research showing that changing levels of oestrogen during a woman’s cycle affect the height of the foot’s arch. At the beginning of the cycle, when oestrogen is high, the arch drops. When she is menstruating later on, levels of oestrogen are low and the arch is raised. Do you think Lanvin and Choo take this into consideration? I’m thinking it’s not going to transfer into high fashion any time soon…oh well!

The shoe has been designed to adjust to these changes with its three layers of cushioning below the arch: a foam layer, an air filled gap and a plastic block. When the arch is low, the foam is compressed into the gap and when the arch is high, the foam fills out. Thus, she is supported accordingly at any time of the month

Now that’s what I call a woman’s trainer! Now where can I get me a man with the same understanding….

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