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What me & Oprah Have in Common + Svelte Protein Power Smoothie

Posted Feb 02 2011 3:33pm

Did you see Oprah yesterday? I need to be honest and say that I didn’t, but I did DVR it with every intention of watching it ASAP. I love Oprah, but this particular episode was near and dear to my heart. Oprah and her nearly 400 staffers (kind of wish I had 378 staffers) are going VEGAN for a week! To kick off this veg-tastic voyage, Oprah invited a few crushes of mine to her show including Michael Pollan and Kathy Freston to give the meat and factory farm industry the smack down (Booyah!) and provide Oprah’s friends and fans with reasons why eating a plant-based diet is super awesome. I’ve been reading all about it on Oprah’s website and can’t wait to check out the episode. I understand there’s a visit to a slaughterhouse, which is always difficult to watch but important to show. If you have been reading BV for a while, you know I am NO fan of the factory farming industry and stand 100% behind the fact that the plants Mama Earth provide us are all we need to be radiant and strong.

Speaking of strong, I owe a you a few more protein pack breakfasts. The protein cookie bars should have lasted you for a good couple of days, but variety is the spice of life.

This power smoothie was made possible with support from CalNaturale’s Svelte Vanilla drink. If you can’t find Svelte in a store near you, fear not, on Friday I am doing an AMAZING giveaway that will have you smiling.

Svelte’s nutritional profile is pretty solid, but I love to sneak greens in whenever and wherever I can. I took half of their Vanilla drink, threw in a handful of a variety of greens, a hefty dash of nutmeg and a few pieces of frozen banana.

It was DELICIOUS and so energizing. I followed it up with a Physique 57 Class Workout DVD.

If you’re thinking smoothies should be reserved for Summer, think again. Not only are they refreshing and nutritious, but many times they make me feel like I’m taking a little vacation away from the dreary, gray slush and cold.

To my non-vegans out there: would you take a vegan challenge? What are your biggest hurdles/fears?

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