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What Kind of Parent Are You?

Posted Mar 01 2011 12:54pm

Are you the type that allows for couch jumping/rolling or are you the type that insists that they never sit inappropriately on a coach or sofa? Are you the type that takes kids to a theme park only to hustle them from ride to ride without a breather? I would probably be considered a permissive parent with consequences. For example, at home, we have a “butt only” rule for our new leather sofas, however, in a hotel, when the sofa is obviously on it’s second life, I’d let them be creative with how they sit on it or roll on it, if the game of the moment suggests it!

In a resturant, we are much stricter parents, and yet my children seem to make friends with the servers and always seem to make out with extra deserts at the end!

Recently, we were lucky enough to have a theme park, Legoland , all to ourselves due to weather conditions. The forecast had been 85% chance of rain, and yet it did not rain one wink! I am the type of parent who will let my children settle into to one game or ride and let them stay until they are sick of it…and especially since we were practically alone at the park, there was no problem with them riding the same ride two or three time! But, we’d see parents just hustle their kids from one ride to the next! “Come on let’s go, we’ve got to get to the next ride!” And, the kids were NOT happy to be moving so quickly!

Finally, at my child’s recent 5th Birthday party, we must have had 20 kids running wild through our house! There was not one activity that was organized, but, everyone did just fine! If I’d tried to present an activity amongst this chaos, I just would have made myself crazy. In the end, I’ve found that too little or too much structure with kids can be problematic, and we as parents are always searching for the middle grounds. What is appropriate and how should they behave in any given circumstance?

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