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what kind of fatal disease does not effect the physical apperance of the organism?

Posted by CuriousGeorge

I'm doing this report in my Highschool class, and I need to find out why so many people died on this made up island. The bodies were found in huge holes that fitted 20-25 people. The researchers had reported that the most likely reason they were buried in the holes together was because the people were dieing in short periods from each other. The researchers found rements of an old village that had fishing spears and crude tools, but there was no sign that there had been animals(that being means that anthrax is out of the question). Then when the researchers traveled to the central part of the island they found a more civilized town remains, but there were no weapons to be found. The town was isolated from the outside world by its' walls. The researchers ventured into the towns library and found two ancient tablets both were unreadable, but one had a diagram on it of four men laying down with squggily lines above them, and there was a man who was leaning over one of the men laying down. The researchers thought that this was a drawing of the disease. If you have any information on what disease this could have been, please e-mail me at Thank-you! 
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