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What kind of activities can i do with my mental health class that does not require us to go outdoors. I'd like to make up a cur

Posted by Amanda S. Facebook

I started by doing a reflextion box.  Having everyone write something down and put it in the box, then taking the questions or thoughts out and having everyone reflect on them.  This is one of my favorite activities.  We all can help support each other and give advice that has helped us our along the way.  I'd really like to do other things as well.  I want to keep it along the lines of mental health/education.  I would prefer not to do things like pictionary or drawing because we have a class specifically for those things.  Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  The adults in our group are getting a little bored with the same things we have been doing over and over.
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I'm a child psychologist and run a bunch of social-emotional groups for kids and teenagers. I don't know what age group you're working with, but role-plays are always good. If you have a shy group you can watch clips from a movie and have them write down what they would do in the character's situation. More complex the characters the better and after the group can discuss. You could also trying some writing projects like writing about a favorite memory, first love, dreams about the future, etc. It always sparks conversation and passion from members of the group. I'll try to keep thinking of some!
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