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What it REALLY takes to Lose Weight

Posted Jun 16 2014 8:28pm



So last month I posted about how I totally messed up and gained 20lbs. Well 6 weeks later, I’m down 10lbs and going strong. And I’ve tried to follow other weight loss bloggy people. But a lot of them are on expensive food programs, weight loss center things (weight watchers). Count calories like maniacs. I just couldn’t seem to find someone that can just workout and eat right and then tell me how they did it…that didn’t involve dropping a ridiculous amount of money.

Well, I’m your girl. Healthy Living / Weight Loss blogger person that is telling you how I did it (or doing it), with no magic pills or powders, no sponsored diet center. Just you, some determination, and a whole lot of veggies and sweat.


1. Waking up and being at the gym by 6:30am most days

2. Walking to and from work (6 miles a day)

3. Yes, sometimes working out at night too. TKD, Hot yoga, Cross Fit or running. Work out EVERY DAY.

4. Weights!! You need WEIGHTS. Lift all the weights!!

5. Eating DIFFERENT foods. If you keep eating what you’ve always eaten, even in less portion, won’t change a whole lot. So I went from mini-egg quiches, cucumber slices as snacks, fauz chik’n burgers. To Spinach protein shakes, almond butter and bananas and zucchini noodles. Change it up!

6. Water, water, water

7. Food journal. To be clear, it wasn’t calorie counting, it was just keeping track of what I actually ate. You’d be surprised how many mini-snickers and pretzels sneak into your daily meals when you’re not paying attention.




8. Having a buddy to check in with. It helps to talk about healthy things with people that are trying to do the same thing. I am lucky enough to have a best friend AND a boyfriend who love doing all the healthy things.

9. Cut out alcohol…like, a lot.

10. Portions!!! My god. Portions. Half a cheese burger is enough. A full cheeseburger will give you food coma. Being able to get up and walk around after eating is this amazing feeling, that apparently is really big in Europe? Don’t eat to nap. Eat to get up and go do some shit.

11. Making sure I stick to my good habits over the weekend.

12. SLEEP!!

13. I gotta say, Pinterest hooked it up with new recipes to try each week. I’d cook at least one or two new things I’ve never made. Zucchini fritters, zoodles, lean turkey meatballs.

14. Forgiving yourself on a not so perfect day.

15. RESTING when my body was telling me to rest. Sometimes, I want go to bed at 6pm and sleep for 12 hours. You do YOU.

16. Yes, you may have to feel hungry more than once. DO NOT starve yourself. Eat when you want, just eat the right shit.

17. Self loathing. Uggh there are more days in the past 6 weeks than I care to think about where I just HATED myself for gaining 20 more pounds. Go ahead and mope. Get it out. But I promise you, the more you work out, for every healthy meal option you make, for every time you vow to set your alarm and get up and actually DO…you’re just a little bit closer to not hating everything. And there will STILL be disappointment when when you start losing weight. ‘Aww man, I only lost 2lbs!?’  Just stick to your plan, man! Dust yourself off and move forward. All day errr day! That’s why having a buddy is so important!

18. GO.GROCERY.SHOPPING. I cannot stress enough how much you really should make your own meals. That way you can see what goes into your food, try new flavors, control your portions for multiple meals, save a crap ton of money. This includes probably spending 3+ hours on Sunday to prep your meals for the week. If you have a busy schedule like me, having pre-packed healthy meals on the go is ideal.

19. Take before and after photos. I was discouraged because the scale did not budge for 4 weeks. But i took a photo on May 1st and again on June 1st and I can see a huge difference.

20. Make performance goals, not just number goals. I signed up for a Spartan Race, and Color Run. And want to train again for a taekwondo sparring competition, and I want to run under a 9 minute mile (and I DID!!). There is nothing like being able to push your body further than you were able to before. C’mon, RUNNING!? Get outta here, kehd.



Accept that in order to lose weight/get healthy/be fit…you absolutely need to be selfish with your time (and energy). It involves a lifestyle change. Boozing it up 3 nights a week might not be be conducive to your new goals. Eating garbage because its your ‘cheat day’. Which turns into 4 ‘cheat days’ in a row. Turning down invites at night because you have to wake up super early to go running. Declining lunch dates because you’ve already packed your healthy meal. No one will lose the weight/get healthy/be fit for you. That is all you, yo.

I’m not saying you have to be a hermit, but just know you need to be out of your comfort zone 80% of the time. I still went out for Taco Tuesdays and beers! But I made sure I was up at 5:30am to go running. I still binged watched Netflix, but I made sure I made all my lunches for the week. I had cupcakes and frozen yogurts and cookies. But I made sure I walked to and from work. All about balance. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.



So, all I’m saying is you can do this too, boo. I have a great relationship, a job that requires a lot of dedication, grad school, a stupid cat face to take care of. Gotta make the time. Push through those mental blocks. Put in the hours.


Losing weight isn’t hard, it’s the dedication that sucks.  <3

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