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What It’s Like to Get Hit By a Car.

Posted Jun 14 2013 1:38pm

Not. Fun. The end.

Tuesday. Here I was just minding my own business…


I had my helmet, my lights on (it was still light out too), my light colored clothes and obeying the traffic laws. I’m a cyclist who hates other cyclists who don’t follow traffic laws. You will never catch me run a red light or dodge in and out of lanes or run a pedestrian over. It was pouring out, but I ride in all weather. Looking back, I probably should’ve taken the bus.

Then I was all…



He ran the red light. I saw him coming from the corner of my eye, I clenched my brakes but it was way too rainy to make a difference and I drifted right into his path where he T-boned me and I fell on his hood and off my bike. My first thought was ‘oh noooo, my belt test!’ (which is in 2 days).

Wait, what?

I had no idea what happened. I just got back on my bike and started pedaling. He yelled out the window ‘are you ok?’ and I waved him off and continued on. Then it took me a few blocks to realize what had just happened. Then I pulled over onto the sidewalk and cried and cried and cried. Had I really just been hit by a car and walked away totally fine?

Adrenaline, OUT!

I made it to my dojang, but in full cry face mode. I was mostly just shocked at what happened. My brain was all ‘Shut up, shut up. You’re fine. Walk it off. WALK it off’. I told a few people what happened and I stayed put just to make sure I didn’t have a concussion. A few hours later, the adrenaline wore off and that’s when the aches came.

3 days later.

I was incredibly sore and stiff the next morning, but I went to work anyway.  A little bruising but nothing compared to taekwon-bruising. I’m a trooper. I was just joking with a friend a couple days prior that of all the years I’ve been riding through the city, I’ve never actually been hit by a car. I’ve been clipped, but never officially t-boned. That’s it right? I’m done for life? Not more getting hit by cars, I got it out of the way?

Now I’m All…


Extra protection…

Yes, I am very lucky. Some people are not. Even when you are diligent about traffic laws and doing everything you need to do as a responsible cyclist, other people are not. It doesn’t matter..

I’m a little sore and tomorrow is my belt test that I have been training for for months. Not my self, a little sore but I felt good going into testing mode. I just hope this doesn’t ruin it for me.


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