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What is your favorite snack after you workout?

Posted by Michelle Health Maven

I'm looking for some new ideas. :)
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goldfish crackers.
Chocolate milk!! GREAT recovery drink, & yummy. :)

I agree with Danielle- Low fat Chocolate Milk is actually one of the absolute BEST for after a workout.. good source of sugars and protien you need. Some may want more protien, I enjoy BSN products myself. Also, I have a client who discovered these honey sticks that are supposed to be meant for using in your tea but are actually great for a long run- just pop on in your mouth and get an instant boost on a long run and replenish that much needed glycogen. So creative!


Definitely my favorite snack post exercise is Gatorade G-Series Fit O3 recovery shake or Gatorade Pro 03 if my workout has been longer than 90 minutes. I find taking my calories in liquid form is better since I'm accomplishing two goals, getting the right balance of nutrients and re-hydrating. On top of that, I find that after a hard workout I'm never hungry for solids and because getting in the right balance of carbohydrate and protein is so essential to recovery, I find those two recovery drinks work the best for me
oatmeal with PB and banana (after a long run).
Chocolate milk, yogurt with granola or fruit, apple and PB or banana!
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