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what is the severe constipation?

Posted by laurence

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Please post a full question - this one doesn't make sense.


Daniel A.

Let's turn the question around – what is a normal frequency of bowel movement: once to twice a day. Skipping even a day is a constipation resulting in an uneasy feeling of discomfort and interior stress in the gut. Elimination is a natural and necessary part of feeding. One should never wait to have a "severe constipation" – for several days!

Contrary to the last posting, there is no "normal frequency" for bowel movements.  Frequency of fecal elimination varies by person and by eating, drinking and exercise habits.  Elimination of the bowel may be as much as 3 times daily or as little as 3 times weekly.  Constipation is usually defined as fewer than three stools per week that are also hard and dry. (constipation definition from 

As previously asked, please clarify your question.


Daniel A.

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