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What is the placenta of Swiss?

Posted by kate2009flying

Fetier derives from the founder of Swiss placenta---the institution of LLP Live laboratory, it was exactly there,The Swiss scientist, Professor Karl foundmysterious substancein the embryo cell of the sheep, which can make cell restore its vitality in 1912.
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Placenta is a kind of cell, which contains special abundant and active substances, it comes from five months embryo of black sheep, which live in Alps, whose elevation is more than 4000 meters. It is purified essence, researchers get it by using the latest biochemical equipment and technology, and then carry on separating and extracting repeatedly by using state-of-the-art centrifugal separation equipment and technology to the extracting active substance, constantly throwing the impurity and the bad protein out of it, finally retain the single substance, this is the embryo viable cell of the sheep. Besides, handling it with Pasteur Sterilization method, then compress the sheep embryo and pump it into syringe in the sterile environment, so it can be eligible to be named Placenta.ç??士ç¾?è??ç´ ç§?被人们称ä½?è?½è¿?è??è¿?ç«¥ç??ç¥?å¥?ç?©è´¨ã??ä»?å®?è¯?ç??ä¼?å§?å°±æ??为ä¸?ç??å??å?°è¾¾å®?贵人ç??ä¸?享ï¼?ä½?æ?¯ä»?天ç¾?è??ç´ ä¼¼ä¹?å·²ç»?é£?é?¡ä¸?ç??ï¼?æ??们æ?»è?½å?¨å??ç§?ä¿?å?»å??å??æ?¤è?¤å??ç­?产å??é??ç??å?°è¿?个å??è¯?ï¼?æ?´æ??传说许å¤?è??å??ç??å½±è§?æ??æ??é?¿æ??注å°?ç¾?è??素以ä¿?é??æ?¥ã??The placenta of Swiss is always named the mysterious substance by people, which can make you become young again. It became the sole possession of high officials and noble lords since it was born, but, placenta seem to get the universal appeal today, we always can see the word among all kinds of skin care products, there are more stories about placenta, which said that many famous stars inject the placenta to keep young for a long time.
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