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What is Optimal Anatomy?

Posted Oct 07 2009 12:16pm

Human anatomy is all about us. It is the branch of science concerned with the structure of the human body and all its parts. We are all living anatomy made up of bones, soft tissue, organs and body systems that circulate fluids, allow us to breathe, supply neural communication, digest our food and produce chemical messengers called hormones that regulate our body.


Your body is your equipment – your transportation, a tool, a human pharmacy, a food processor, a library of data and memories, a communicator, is as sensitive as a seismograph and is capable of reproducing itself. Your well-engineered anatomy takes in nutrients, eliminates wastes and toxins, stays temperate, communicates chemically, grows, repairs itself and receives information through the fivesenses of smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight. Most of all, it can heal itself.


Optimal means being the most favorable – or being the best that you can be.A body in optimal anatomy has its structure and parts functioning at their optimum. Since function follows form, a body out of alignment in less than optimal anatomy can suffer dysfunction, disease, joint pain and ageing at a greater rate.


A body held in the position of its design can climb mountains, enjoy good health, learn with greater mental clarity, attract others, communicate well, laugh, love and enjoy life to the fullest. A body structure held in erect alignment has a greater range of movement, flexibility, balance and endurance. It enjoys good body mechanics that keep joints fitting together and moving as they should without pain, organs in their intended place and body systems functioning at their best. This makes a body healthier, taller, thinner, look younger and slows the ageing process.


The result is being the best you can be with optimal health, performance and appearance. Truly – in optimal anatomy.

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