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What Is Mandibular Distraction?

Posted Jul 09 2013 8:45am
 Every part of the face is of equal importance, when it comes to the overall appearance of the face. If there is any oddity in the facial appearance, then your self confidence can be affected negatively. Tired eyelids, a bent nose, protruding ears, wrinkled forehead or nasolabial folds may severely affect your appearance. Breathing can be affected by narrow nostrils, while a lower jaw without its natural projection can also affect your looks. Mandibular distraction is a very effective option for treating a small lower jaw; the procedure increases the size of the lower jaw and allows it to grow in proportion with the rest of the face.

How Is the Procedure Done?

A small lower jaw is corrected with distraction osteogenesis of the mandible. An incision would be made inside the mouth for cutting the mandible’s bone. The plastic surgeon would set the bone ends apart and insert the distraction device. The new bone forms between both the ends of the jaw bone. The front jaw is then brought to the right position. The surgeon removes the distraction device only after the new bone hardens. This is to ensure that the new jaw doesn’t collapse. The risk of infection is very less because the mandible’s bone strongly conjoin. Usually, this is a one-time procedure, but if individuals have conditions such as facial clefting or Treacher Collins Syndrome, then repetition of the procedure may be required.

Mandibular retrognathia is also treated effectively with mandibular distraction. The procedure treats conditions such as Goldenhar syndrome, Pierre Robin syndrome and mandibular hypolasia that occur owing to trauma or previous surgery done for removal of tumors or cysts. Tranverse mandibular deficiency is one more condition that can be treated with this surgery. This method is very flexible when it comes to the treatment of a variety of mandibular conditions. Other severe conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea, temporary mandibular joint ankylosis, midface retrusion and cranial syntosis can be treated as well.

A Reliable Plastic Surgery Center Should Be Chosen for Treatment

There are several reputable plastic surgery centers wherein quality treatment is offered. The plastic surgeons are experienced and various procedures of plastic surgery are offered. The latest high tech tools as well as laser-aided instruments are utilized. The surgeon would develop a proper understanding of all the requirements of a patient. The structure of the face would be studied, health condition will be examined and the right treatment would be recommended. Transparency is the main characteristic of a reputable facility. Even the risk factors would be explained to the patient.

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