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What is Man-made Geopathic Stress? Indications, Causes and Holistic Solutions

Posted Jan 09 2010 7:47am
Man-made Geopathic Stress is what we experience when we are exposed to energy fields that are broken up or fragmented by strong man-made chemicals or electro magnetic fields. Nuclear radiation, petroleum in underground water, chemicals in the ground and so on, all alter the earth energy field in which we live and goes on to stress our bodies as we struggle to retain our natural earth energy bodies.

Signs of Exposure to Man-made geopathic stress (Radiation, Strong Electromagnetic fields)
  • Drastic constant hair loss
  • Chronic scarring and dull skin
  • Constant pain in the hands, back and head
  • Loss of sensation in the tongue or nose (Taste, Smell)
  • Blurring vision
  • Feelings of being choked (especially in shallow sleep)
  • Inability to assimilate vitamins (resulting in various other conditions)
  • Endocrine gland disorders (Thyroid especially)
  • Male-Female Hormonal imbalance
  • Inability to concieve
  • Inability to have or enjoy sex
  • Constant suspicion (Inability to 'see through' people or situations)
  • Breaking voice (voice sounds like pebbles in a steel tumbler)
  • Dull yellowish nails and peeling skin around
  • Pain in the bones, ear canal
  • Decay in the inner linings of the body (nasal canal, digestive canal) causing constant unpleasant odor
and the obvious proximity to
  • train stations,
  • overhead cables,
  • mobile towers,
  • constant mobile phone usage,
  • contaminated or irradiated food, water
  • strong electric fields like those around electrical appliances

Holistic Ways to minimize the damage caused by Man-made geopathic stress

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