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What Is In Your Wrinkle Skin Cream?

Posted Dec 29 2008 5:03pm
by Samatha Jackson

Do you love how your wrinkle skin cream works? Do you know why it works or why it does not work? Know the reasons why and get to invest in the best cream for you.

Have you ever wondered what goes into your neck, face, and other aging areas? Ever thought why a wrinkle skin cream is, in many ways, a mystery? We use one or more anti-aging treatments daily yet we really do not understand the ingredients listed on the products we are using. Frustrating isn’t it? This is because these ingredients are full of acronyms, jargons, and long words that are mostly scientific. Some words are even invented by those cosmetic companies to make it sound better than the common word. Say for example, they might use “nutraceutical” to describe its ingredients but what they really meant was “natural ingredients”.

All this “jargon” is fine, but you need to be conscious of what you are applying to your face for some reasons:

- You might have sensitive skin and can expose yourself to a potential skin problem. - You might be paying more for a product then it is worth. - You might not agree with the ingredients in your favorite anti-aging product.

You need to understand what to look for in your wrinkle skin cream. Below are some familiar ingredients that can usually be found in your skincare regimen. They are guaranteed to work. However, their success hinges largely on the quantity and combination of the ingredients.

- Citrus extracts: These extracts are taken from citrus fruits. Since it is an excellent source of Vitamin C it is proven to give positive effects on the skin. However, it may irritate sensitive skin so be sure to check the other parts of the regimen or ingredients to know how you can neutralize this problem.

- Jasmine, chamomile and other herbal extracts: These are the leading ingredients in all the organic anti-aging treatments. They are basically preventive. They do not impact serious wrinkles but they are able to soothe irritation caused by other compounds in a cream.

- Hyaluronic Acid (HA): This is a moisturizer that makes skin appear plumper and helps it retain moisture. Several scientists and wrinkle-free women can verify this. However, it may be a carcinogen in large amounts so be sure that your cream does not contain more than 10% HA.

- Idebenone: This is a very controversial compound and is found in almost all anti-aging creams. Many researchers believe that it needs to be used in incredibly high concentrations to work.

- Reflective particles: These are silicon fillers more commonly known as “refracting agents”. These give an improved appearance immediately by reflecting light and “erasing” those wrinkles temporarily. They can give a quick fix, but not one that is permanent.

These are only some of the potential ingredients in your skin cream. Be informed though that one of the common ingredients in any cream is water. If you are satisfied with the way your anti-aging treatment works for you then continue using it. Nevertheless, if you are not happy with the way your anti wrinkle skin cream works for you then try to check its ingredients to find some solutions.

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