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What I've learned in the last year

Posted Feb 19 2009 6:08pm

I learned that if you're super passionate about your idea and have fierce determination to make it come alive - you can do it! Within a year, I built and launched My Inspiration Lounge and gave birth to my second daughter, Molly, who is now 7-months old. It's hard to believe My Inspiration Lounge launched less than five-months ago. The five words that best describe my journey so far: fulfilling, emotional, inspiring, hard, and fun. I get so inspired by the little gifts in my inbox, your kind emails, that arrive at the most opportune time! Thank you! Here's a few things I jotted down when reflecting on what I've learned about me and becoming a mompreneur...

  1. I was missing something really important in my life for a long time...a network of friends I could trust. This has been the sweetest and unexpected gift so far. I've met the most inspiring, supportive and talented women. We hold each other up, exchange ideas, laugh, cry, drink wine, be silly and remind each other of the important things in life. For too long, I was caught up in the false sense of security the corporate world gives one.
  2. I've learned patience (sort of) and to celebrate small successes.  
  3. Choose vendors and partners who believe in your project, share similar values and passion.
  4. Pursuing a dream, doing what you love and helping others is very rewarding. It makes all of the hard work so worth it. 
  5. I love my blog and newsletter, InspireMail! They were the two things that scared me the most at the beginning.
  6. I've learned what I'm not. I'm not a baker. Last week, I tried to make cookie dough from scratch while making a cake at the same time. The cookies turned out horrible and my big revelation - baking and being in the kitchen for a long time stresses me out. Pre-made cookies will have to do. Ava, my 4-year old daughter, says I'm still special :)
  7. I ask people for help all the time. This was new for me. It can't hurt to ask and the worst they can say is no. Besides, what you think is impossible, others make possible.
  8. Always listen to your gut or intuition. A rule I've lived by all my life and proves itself true all the time.   
  9. I'm starting to see the power and influence My Inspiration Lounge will have to support women and special causes.  It's exciting and the possibilities are endless!
  10. There are successful online women entrepreneur's who don't support the new women entrepreneurs on the scene. It's unfortunate but not surprising. My priority is to support women now and support them even further when I'm big!
  11. Life is tough. Don't tackle it alone. My reminder to make #1 above your priority :)
  12. I now have my soul essences, the values that are me at the core and keep me grounded. I am fun, inspiration, freedom, adventure, strength, courage, and discovery! Woo hoo!
  13. I thought I could never love another child as much as I love my first one. Molly proved me wrong. She is the sweetest and most scrumptious thing ever:)

I'm sure I forgot something! Thank you so much for your support and inspiration!

Be Inspired. Get Informed. Embrace Life.

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