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What I’m Reading: Sugarettes

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:24pm

I just finished reading Sugarettes by Dr Scott Olson who approached me a few weeks ago asking me to read his book and see what I made of it……I must say that I am very impressed with the book and really appreciate what Dr Scott is doing to make people aware of the sugar addiction which is all around us and making people fat and sick. Here is the Trailer of the book…..

Who’s it For?

- Sugarettes appeals to anyone who wants a basic overview of Sugar and its effects on the body; this doesn’t mean simple refined sugar but also foods that act like sugar (potatoes, bread etc) in the body.

- Anyone interested in living a better life and wants to understand optimal nutrition.

What I Liked

The book starts with a few real life situations of how sugar affects the body and how easily we can compare sugar to cigarettes; back in the days when cigarettes first came into style they were conveyed as something fashionable and healthy and even endorsed by doctors, this all took a U-turn when many many years later we realized that they were a leading killer in our society. This is somewhat similar to what is happening with sugar now, how long will it take until we look back at the “Low Fat” diets which are endorsed by the medical industry now and realize how we were causing a vicious circle of Diabetes and Cancer. Maybe soon the Government will realize the food pyramid is upside down…..

Dr Olson gives a really vivid picture of what happens when we ingest sugar or foods that act like sugar, The chapters are well illustrated and give an explanation that is interesting to the Nutrition guru but at the same time something someone with zero interest or knowledge in nutrition could read and understand. This is something really great about the book; you could give it to any member of your family or friends and they would understand and appreciate it….

The content keeps to a non scientific path and allows for a good flow when reading. Another great addition is the scattering of journal excerpts to back up the text this adds great depth and allows for some interesting information to be found without the need to become too complicated a read.

A great chapter is the one which summarizes the different types of carbohydrates, Things like the Glycemic Index and how different types of sugars have a totally different effect on the body. Dr Olson has a very good evolutionary take on nutrition and often compares things now to what would have been available 10,000 years ago. He also covers things like artificial sweeteners and how they could further trigger our sugar addictions, plus creates awareness of how this stuff is confusing our bodies.

Most Importantly Dr Olson makes a point of highlighting how the Government and Food industry seem to turn a blind eye to what Sugar abuse is doing to our society. It is so important that this is made an issue of otherwise we are going to continue going down hill in terms of the nations nutrition (The recent HFCS commercials are a prime example)

The book ties up with eating guidelines which is great as unlike other books on Sugar it will actually leave the reader with a realistic idea of how to change their diets for the better; He offers three plans of how to eat which an extremely good idea as it allows even the biggest sugar addict to ease into a good eating plan by gradually dropping foods from their diets and moving to more paleothic nutrition. Its imperative that this was included as people will find it extremely hard to stop their daily sugar fix and need a slow and steady plan of action to improve their nutrition. Another great addition is how people can expect to feel once they adopt an improved diet.

The main thing I loved is the fact this is not a “Diet” book but rather a mix of history of nutrition and what sugar is doing to our society. Its a bonus Dr Scott offers nutritional advice in the final chapter.

What would have been great?

To be totally honest this is a great book and for who it aimed at (informing the average joe that their diets need to change and why) its perfect. Even for the nutrition fanatic its something well worth reading and something you will take great joy in. Its quick to the point and informative.

I would have possibly liked to see a small chapter on Supplements and what Dr Scott recommends for people following this plan of nutrition, but again this is not a “Dieting book” so its not really something I would come to expect.

To Sum Up

This is the ideal book to give to a friend or member of the family who you want to be informed about the dangers of sugar and let them understand exactly what happens when they eat certain foods. Its easy to understand will appeal to a wide variety of people thanks to Dr Olson’s vivid and easy to relate to writing.

Its the total package, showing people why sugar is bad, with great examples and how to change their diet for the better. Its the ideal book to keep kicking around the house for reference or to give to a friend who expressed an interest in improving their health and well-being while losing weight sensibly.

I would call it a widely accessible/scaled down version of Gary Taubes superb “Good Calories, Bad Calories”, plus the eating guidelines help make it the ideal all in one package. And I have to say along with things like the Protein Power Life Plan and the Paleo Diet its a must have book for anyone interested in Nutrition or anyone who wants to start learning about it.

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