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What I Loved About Wednesday

Posted Oct 19 2011 10:20pm

Excuse me for my three day absence, I was busy searching for a new species of peanut butter and I found one! This allows me to jump into the theme for my post, what I loved about Wednesday.

-Peanut butter

I bought this peanut butter maybe 3 days ago, and it is almost gone. Seriously, I can already see the bottom.

There is no misconception with the creamy label. This bad boy is indeed creamy and so delicious that I bought another jar today. 


This freakazoid apple was discovered by my man friend on a walk.

It was quite sour, so I could only manage a few bites. Pair these two heart stopping combinations together to create a sandwich fit for a king. 

-No man left behind

Or in this case, apple. While cutting my apple to put onto the sandwich above, I made sure  to get every last bit. 

Waste not my friends!

-GREAT coworkers

One of my coworkers noticed I was not as chipper as I normally am today. His wife makes these Halloween themed cookies that he has brought in to sell. He ended up giving me a box out of no where and told me to cheer up.

Awesome right!?

Free cookies!? Shit yes! I am thinking about taping these to my fingers and tricking small children into eating their veggies. Speaking of small children, on a complete side note..please let me share with you one of the creepiest things I have seen in a long time. 

As if one child was not enough, you can now get “my twin.” A doll version of your child. I’m sorry, but that doll looks nothing like that child, and I would never pay $70 for a demonic looking wannabe human.

-New finds

One of the new items at my work is this amazing smelling soap. 

I have come to the conclusion that shoving your nose into the bottle while walking around is good for those of you that wish to avoid customer interaction. 


No list would be complete without vegetables. Thanks to my man friend, I was able to have a farm explode in my kitchen after finishing the broccoli bundle -5 days off/ Arizona

With the arrival of Arizona  occurring in the morning, I will have the next 5 day off of work.  Yay! 

Q: One thing you loved about Wednesday?! 

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