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What I Buy At the Grocery Store, Hurtful Comments Follow-Up, Random Acts of Kindness, Grudges or Let It Go?

Posted May 06 2010 4:56pm
Hi Friends! How's Your Day Going?   Is anyone nursing a hangover from any wild and crazy Cinco de Mayo festivities?  I hope not but if you are, the only thing that cures a hangover is drinking more time.   Coconut water is great for replenishing your electrolytes and re-balancing your pH and body chemistry.  Coconut Water "Gatorade" may be just what the hangover doctor ordered!  haha!  

No hangovers for me.  Instead I've been a busy girl keeping up with my inbox, making phone calls, running errands, and trying to stay cool in the 98F heat.  Is it hot where you live?  It sure is hot here!  And I am excited because tomorrow's Friday which I think is my unofficial favorite day of the week because it means the weekend is almost here!  We have some friends coming into town this weekend that I haven't seen in five years so I am looking forward to hanging out with them!  I also just realized it's Mother's Day Weekend.  Whoa...I forgot to buy some cards and mail them.  Do you have weekend plans yet? 

Follow Up From Yesterday's Post ...Where do I begin and I hope you can bear with the wordiness, I have a lot to a good way!

First, thanks for cluing me in on everything from if you've had Blogger Meetups and who your Dream Blogger Meetup Date would be, and why!  Fun stuff to read!  I'm honored that some of you said you want to meet me!  I am always up for meeting new people and pretty much anyone on my Blogroll or who's Blog I read, I'd love to meet in person!   By the way, if you read my blog or I read and comment on yours and you'd like to be on my blogroll, let me know.  I am always trying to keep it updated because some blogs "close", some of you rename your blogs, change your URLs, etc.  Not saying I can get it updated overnight, but I'll put it on my to-do list, for sure!

From yesterday, I was not surprised that many of you told me you feel the food you eat is pretty much the same thing every day .  And that you also feel the food you blog about is sometimes redundant and repetitive .

Many of you also agreed with me that there is some pressure to invent and post "culinary masterpieces" for the sake of "good blog content" .    None of us want to bore others who read our blogs, but once you find your Food Groove and what makes you feel optimally, there's no sense to fix what ain't broken, whether this is good, bad, or otherwise in for "blogging content".   I don't whip up fillet Mignon or creme brulee just to have something "new" to post about because those would not be food choices I would ever make.

I confess that earlier in my blogging career I would make desserts or things just to feature on my blog but I realized that's a lot of work, it's wasteful if I or my family doesn't want to really eat what I made, and that it's just a "make-work" activity to do that.  So I stopped that a long time ago.  What to do as bloggers to keep our blogs "fresh and interesting" is something I ponder, though, for sure.  Sounds like from the comments, so do many of you!  In my case, fresh and interesting means posting about my life, apart from my recipes.  And I am so glad that many of you have told me that you don't read my blog just for the recipes!

Most of all, though, thank you for the great response to the Negative Comment situation!!!

The outpouring of love, support, praise for what I do, positive words for my approach to life, and your lovely, heartfelt, honest words and comments for me, both in my comments and in emails, was phenomenally wonderful, over the top, and just so amazing!  Thank you to every one who wrote or commented, including to the many lurkers who de-lurked and dropped me a line, thank you everyone!   I started to try to reply in the Comments Section , and some of you I emailed back, others of you I hit up your blog, but if I haven't had the chance to personally thank you, I do now:  Thank You!

Take Home Messages:

1. I have the best readers, and thereby Friends, ever!

2. I was never going to stop blogging, and certainly am not now!  I could tell that many of you were a little choked up that this could, that would be giving in to the negative nancy's of the world.

3. It wasn't just yesterday's comment that riled me up.  It's the one a week or so, every week, I get that's just uncalled for.  Many of you who blog say you've never had a negative comment.  Count your blessings!  I started getting them almost immediately in my blogging journey, probably because as I mentioned yesterday, I put my heart and soul on my blog .  I open part of my life up for others to view, watch, and sometimes, judge harshly.

Rather than auto-hitting delete and not making mention of these comments, I want to set the record straight and stand up against bullies and mean commenters: My blog is not a place where you can come and do that!  I am standing up against hurtful words for all the other bloggers who don't or who take a more passive approach.  I am standing up for all the readers and people who encounter rude words from ignorant or inconsiderate people in your daily lifeStand up to these bullies!  I hope by me standing up for what I believe empowers you to do the same, in whatever capacity that is applicable in your life.

4. I have posted before that I am not here to "Save" The World .  My choices are my choices, like 'em or not, they are what they are.  And I am not changing them.   I have also posted here what to say to negative people or those who disagree with your choices.  I probably need to go re-read  my own post..ha!

5. I am truly glad, honored, flattered, and blown over by how many of you tell me that I inspire you to make changes in your own lives, to re-think your previous views on certain issues, to start listening more to what your body needs and wants, to take up yoga or fitness, and that I simply inspire and motivate you to make positive changes.  This came through loud and clear in the hundreds of comments and emails I received yesterday.  Thank you.  So much.  For letting me know this. 

6. Despite hundreds of positive comments every day and thousands per month, it's the handful of negative ones that just eat at me and diminish the good ones.  The Pure2Raw girls said the same thing.  But this is my own work.  This is my yoga.  This is my challenge.  To just brush off the crap.  And savor all that is good.  Take comfort and heed in the love that 99% of you all show me.  You all inspire me to keep going, keep blogging, keep sharing my journey, thoughts, and perspectives with my readersSo thank you for being there and cheering me on to keep going!  I will!

7. Society as a whole has become much more impolite with the advent of the digital age.  People get behind their keyboards and all of a sudden grow a big pair of balls and say things they would never, ever, ever say in person to your face.  Would you walk up to a woman in the grocery store and tell her she eats too many vegetables based on what's in her cart?  Would I walk up a stranger and tell her I think she's too skinny/fat/makes dumb parenting choices/works out too much or not enough/etc.  Never!  Many of you in the comments noted this as well that people say things online they would never say to your face.

8. I could go on and on, but because I don't want any negative energy lingering over this matter, and I want to move on, thanks for rallying behind me and for your love and support for what I do!  It's not always easy blogging from the heart and revealing myself in this very public venue, but I couldn't actually do it any other way.  I am glad you all appreciate me keeping it real!

Moving On...
I swung through the grocery store and did a major produce re-stashing.

The highlights of the trip For Green Finds were:  Romaine & Brussles
And then Sale Fruit!  
Whole Pineapples for $2.99 and Mangoes were 2 for $1 Dollar.
50 cents each, score!

I am asked frequently what I buy at the grocery store.  Simple Answer:  Plants!  So for all the readers who've asked me what I buy, here you go.

Fresh Produce takes up the whole "floor" of my cart.  This is typical of what I buy:
And My Counter Always has a bounty of Pears and Tomatoes Ripening on It
The other 20% of the items I purchase that are not fresh produce are things like Nooch
 See This Post for Everything you'd ever want to know about it including A Dozen Recipes Using Nooch

And I'd recommend buying all your Non-Perishables from a place like
If you use this code: AVE630 
You'll save $5 off your order. is already about 30% cheaper than Whole Foods or Health Food Stores, so I highly recommend it for supplements, non-perishable dry goods, and health and beauty products galore.

Also see This Post about Bulk Spice Buying OnlineSo much cheaper!
I filled 7 Jars for the price of 1 and I saved $30 Bucks by Ordering in Bulk Online

Bulk Online Purchases are Not to be Confused with Bulk Bins and the Creepy Hazards For Me Associated with the Bins.

Skylar was taste-testing a bit while I was browsing...
...But Who Else Is Taste Testing and Where Have Their Hands Been?  

And the Tongs or Scooper (underneath the white sticker on the lower left hand corner of the photo) gets touched and then put back or just laid directly on the food.   Ewwwww!!!

Care for a side of Moths or Mold with your Bulk Bin Finds?

Nothing's perfect, but there is a greater chance in my mind and logic for things to be icky in the bulk bins than in pre-packaged, factory-sealed goods.  My opinion only, read here for more.

Other dry goods I purchase include: Oats (see my entire post on Oats and Oats Recipes including Info why I don't buy certified GF Oats), 

I buy sugar, vegan margarine, Cool Whip for Scott, a few crackers for me
And Smores Coffee makes it's way into my cart...
  Smores Coffee OMG tooo good! 

And I just recently found this Caribou Coffee on Sale for 4.99 each at my grocery store.
Good value, good coffee.  Nothing "amazing" but I am loyal to them because I did my undergraduate work at a college in St. Paul, MN and Caribou is a Minnesota company and I have many fond memories of sluggin' down Caribou at some campus-area coffee shops.  Oh what I wouldn't give to do this again now.  The coffee sluggin' part, not the final exam studying part!
...but really, 80% of what I buy is fresh produce.
I buy whatever is up front, on display towards the front of the store, because that usually means it's cheap, a good value, and fresh.  

I am not a purist when it comes to buying organic , and I've posted here About Why I Don't Buy Organic Most of the Time.  

I posted about the Dirty Dozen in This Post
Cute Chart Courtesy of Healthy Diva Katie

And if you missed my post on a Well-Stocked Raw Vegan Pantry , including non-perishables that will enable you to make any and all of my Vegan Desserts, Click Here for That List
This is a great list if I do say so myself, check it out if you missed it!   Evan posted a Stock your Pantry List , too.

My Pantry List reminds me of my List for What Makes Up or Comprises a Great Recipe in My Eyes.   Recipes have to be Easy, Affordable, Fast...well, go read This Post Here for my thoughts on that.  The list is in the middle of the post.

What I buy and how I purchase things is not rocket science:  We are 3 people living on 1 income.  Long gone are the days of 4 items for $40 bucks type of thing from Whole Foods.  I am a high raw vegan, and by default because I'm doing the cooking, Skylar and Scott (95% of the time) are high raw vegetarians.  We need a lot of produce, we need it fresh, and then dried fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and a few odds and ends make up the rest.  Easy!

Think easy and simple.  To quote Michael Pollan, if your grandmother wouldn't recognize it, it's not food.  Same with my grocery shopping and food choices: basic.  Easy.  Based on seasonal produce choices, trying to buy local produce the best that I can, cost constraints play a role, and I simply purchase whatever looks good!   

Green Food was based on This Recipe:
Raw Zucchini Noodles with Tossed Veggies and Homemade Peanut Sauce

Raw Spiralized Zuke Noodles
For spiralizer info and what I have, where to buy it (the best $29.99 you'll ever spend!) check out This Post
Add Vegan Soy-Free Peanut Sauce I made Here

Diced & added other veggies: cukes, red peppers, tomatoes, carrots, sugar snap peas, asparagus..use whatever you have in your veggie drawer.
And voila, an awesome Raw Vegan 15 minute Dinner! 
For Original Recipe for the Peanut Noodle dish, Click Here

Dessert was Keeping the Peanut Theme Going after I slurped up my Peanut Sauce because everything just tastes better with Peanut Sauce, right!

Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Popcorn with Nooch!
  Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Popcorn is so good!  I mean melted warm nut butter, who could complain?
 The combo of chocolate + peanut butter + nooch = Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups !

Yoga Today is Urdhva Dhanurasana (Full Backbend)

Great for letting in love, opening the heart and throat chakras, and allowing the energy and life force (prana) of the Universe to enter!

Gym & Weights Workout Today: Day 4 - Back/Hamstrings

Tip of the Day I mentioned this yesterday but think it got a bit lost in the shuffle:  I was Mentioned as One of the Top 50 Blogs for Raw Food Recipes and Inspiration !  Many of my friends and those I admire and respect are also on this list , so I feel privileged to be in such good company!  If you need a nice list of Raw Blogs, now you have it!

1.  What do you buy at the store? Are you happy with your shopping habits and what you're buying?  If not, what's preventing you from changing things up?
I used to actually leave grocery stores upset that I had spent too much money and felt I had far too little in my trunk to show for it!  Those days are long gone and now I am happy with how I shop.  What about you?  What do you like to buy?  Is there anything you know you spend too much money on but can't seem to break the habit?

2. Do you shop the Perimeter of the Store or Do you Walk into the Interior Aisles? 
I am mostly a perimeter girl.  After all, that's where they keep the fresh produce, and the freezer case that's stocked with Scott's Cool Whip is on the perimeter, too...haha!

3. Why are we becoming so impolite as a society?  Where are the random acts of kindness?   Erica has posted about the RAoK that she notices in the sphere and I love that.  I would love to see people hold doors, yield to mother's in crosswalks with baby strollers (I cannot tell you how many hundreds of times I get honked at in the crosswalk with my jogging stroller), and in general, just be nicer, kinder, and more mindful of others and how our actions impact or are perceived by others.  Do you think society is less polite than it used to be?  Have you done any RAoK's lately?  What was it?  

4. Feel free to chime in to anything mentioned on the negative/hurtful commenting issue.  I know I had a lot to say!  Your thoughts welcome! 

5.  If you have an argument of a fight with a friend, loved one, or even a casual acquaintance, how easy is it for you to move on and let it go?  Is it easy for you to move on or do you tend to carry things with you, even perhaps hold grudges a bit, even if you try to tell yourself you're not holding a grudge, you kind of are?
I do not hold grudges, and I move on extremely quickly from tiffs and arguments.  I hate stewing, I don't like things to linger or fester.  I like to say my bit, clear the air, and move on!  No sense beating a dead horse!  That's one thing I will toot my horn about is that people (past boyfriends, Scott, my female friends) they are always surprised by how quickly I "get over" something.  I hate wasting time and energy feeling upset or blue so I say what I want to say, get it out in the open, discuss it, and move on without looking back and dwelling on it!
How about you?

Stay Tuned For A Seedy Give Away... 
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