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What happened to Dr. Raphael???

Posted Nov 28 2012 6:00am
Hello fellow nutrition seekers and wellness warriors!  Its been approximately 10 weeks since this doctor last posted.  I can hardly believe it!  I am going to give forewarning that this post...

Hello fellow nutrition seekers and wellness warriors!  Its been approximately 10 weeks since this doctor last posted.  I can hardly believe it!  I am going to give forewarning that this post will not be as “meaty” as normal.  I’ll explain why below.

 Unlike our resident Naturopath, Dr. Anita ND , I have not been planning a wedding.

I wish I could say I was travelling to exotic locations like our very own Yogi, Dezarae Garbers .

And no, I am not incubating a little human in my stomach like our Holistic Nutritionist, Danielle Binns .  Besides, I think we are still a ways off the advanced technology found in the movie “Junior” where Arnold Schwarzeneggar carries a baby full term.

So where on earth have I been… well … I have since left my post in Port Credit to create my very own “Wellness Clinic”.  Unfortunately, at my most promising location, things fell through, so I am still in search of the right place to call home.

As I am sure you have noticed the term “Wellness” gets thrown around quite a bit.  To me wellness means having the body express its innate intelligence.  So a wellness clinic has to move the body closer to expressing innate intelligence.  The second layer would be giving the person the tools to maintain this innate intelligence and life expression over their lifetime.

Medical Clinics do not fall under this category.  They give people drugs to mask or cover up a symptom.  Yes, antibiotics can save you from a raging infection, and should you be in that position, they may save your life – but the way they are being abused today, and used as if it were a magic bullet cure all - no one can disagree – it’s just plain outlandish.

All a drug does is chemically alter your bodies ability to adapt to its environment.  I am going to borrow an analogy from one of my mentors Dr. Chestnut to explain.  If you were naked and thrown on an iceberg, what happens?  You shiver, pool blood from your extremities to your core, to keep your internal organs functioning.  You may lose your toes  and fingers to frostbite, but it’s either that, or your life…which would you rather?  Now, is this stupid?  Maybe your big toe thinks so, but it’s an example of intelligent adaptation at it’s best.

You adapt to your environment.  I can give you a drug to pool the blood back to your extremities, but that doesn’t get you off the iceburg.  Better yet, I can spray paint your fingers flesh colored, but that still doesn’t get you off the iceburg.  Treating the symptom of cold toes and fingers will NEVER get to the cause.  Do you understand?  This is where most clinics live.  Tell me your symptom, and based on your symptom – here is your drug and/or treatment.

The only difference between a drug and poison, is dosage.

I’m not quite done ranting and raving.  My father-in-law recently suffered a heart attack.  Thank goodness for the medical system, because this is where they are critical – saving your life in a crisis.  We were fortunate that  they were able to buy him some more time.  The problem is we are trying to use this acute care system in a chronic way.

The average Canadian is on 14 prescriptions.

My father-in-law is a strict vegan, and has been this way for years.  He also maintains a relatively active lifestyle.  So how does a seemingly healthy vegan male have a heart attack?  You are going to have to keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming post on being vegetarian.  His MD that died of a heart attack in his sixties, wasn’t able to give him the tools to prevent the heart attack.  The MD did give him some blood pressure meds that had a side effect of chest congestion, that played itself out with months of uncomfortable coughing.  The meds still didn’t stop the heart attack.

Thats not all… my sister’s mother-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer…the odds are unfortunately not in her favour, but it’s never to late to make a positive change.  Even with grim outlook, changing your life to allow your innate intelligence to express can add ever so precious time.

When heart disease and cancer hit close to home, it makes you dig deeper into how to protect your family.  Im happy to share what I found – but we are already at the point where your eyes have dried out – so you will have to wait until next time.  So sorry for lack of ‘substance’ but it would literally be a novel for me to spew at you the information I’ve learned.

On a side note – NEJM (The New England Journal of Medicine) says the holiday weight you put on, statistically – people don’t lose it!  That’s why at 40, you don’t look like 30…  the average gain is 0.8lbs.  Of course some are more, and some are less – which one are you?

Dr. Raphael has an extensive background in science, health and wellness. He has had formal training in nutrition and wellness at the postgraduate level, as well as a deep engagement in study of leading health and wellness research. In addition to his full time Chiropractic Wellness practice out of Port Credit, Ontario, he also maintains his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA, and is a CrossFit L1 Trainer. He is 1/20 Paleo Physicians in all of Canada, and one of a small handfull in Ontario who is a member of the Wellness Council with the ICA. The human species is the sickest it has ever been in the history of time - Dr. Raphael lives and breathes to change this sad truth around.
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