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What Fitness and Healthy Eating topics do YOU want to read about??

Posted by Sara B. Health MavenFacebook

I am a Certified Personal Trainer (ACE, PTAG, TRX) and I write a weekly column for a local newspaper as well as my own website. I am passionate about helping others enjoy a healthy lifestyle and I want to know what YOU REALLY want to learn about/read about, so I can write health and fitness topics that YOU will enjoy! Please let me know what your interested in learning about/getting tips on/etc. in the healthy eating/fitness department and visit my website and leave feedback on how I can create a better place for you as a reader... I appreciate any comments/suggestions/feedback from you dear reader, and I will return the favor- comment and follow your blogs/sites as well. I love networking and I truly love meeting people/reading their stories/etc.

Let me know what YOU want to learn about!! <3 Sara


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Lindsey, I think the cheat day theory CAN work, but sometimes backfires because sugar and salt induce cravings (ever have 1 m&m or chip and tried to stop after just ONE?) and that can really mess you up. I think you should tread cautiously, because some people have stronger cravings than others. I would go with a "cheat meal" instead of "cheat day" because an entire day of gluttony can ruin an entire week's worth of good behavior, easily.

 I know that is a popular recommendation but I never tell clients to diet. I feel that when you put yourself on a diet, your setting yourself up for disaster and entering the cycle of yo-yo weight gain and loss. The second you get off the diet, you will gain the weight back. I think, if your going to cut calories, cut a reasonable amount that you can sustain as a lifestyle change. I also think that you should really take a look at what your eating. Write down every single thing, even if its just a BITE, in a journal for one week... then review it at the end of the week and pay special attention to those small bites, you know- the half of a half of a cookie that you don't count, because that is what causes a lot of people to overeat. I would also suggest a large protien, carb and fat filled breakfast to help you keep cravings at bay throughout the day.

Oh, and my favorite thing to do? High Intensity Interval Training. Honestly, it supercharges your body and really focuses on torching fat. It helps raise your testosterone level and as women we dont have very much to begin with! Regular cardio can sometimes depleate your muscles, and muscles are what help us loose and keep weight off, so you need them. Interval training actually helps you keep your muscles because of the testosterone and "EPOC" (exercise post oxygen consumption) levels are higher, AND it also raises your metabolisim.

Also..... last but not least... the most important thing... dont focus so much on the actual number of pounds, because its probably one of the least accurate ways to gauge your progress. Body fat % is the best. Let me put it this way: I weigh 130lbs, and people always say I look like I weigh much less.... but yet I have a friend who weighs almost the same as I do, yet she looks like shes 30lbs heavier. The reason? I have a lower body fat % and higher % of muscle than she does, so my body looks completely different even though were the same height and almost exactly the same weight.

Keep me posted!!

Have you cut out your carbs? Carbohydrates are a huge source of energy, obviously you want them to be complex carbs but you might feel a nose dive in your energy from cutting them out too much. How much are you exercising? Over-exercising can also cause this, so can lack of sleep or extreme stress. Tell me more and I will definatly be using this as my next article topic. Thanks Jeff!!
First of all, great question! I think I spend majority of my time thinking or blogging about these topics, but I always love hearing other people's tips. Right now I'm trying to drop some weight (about 10lbs) and I've had several people suggest to me that having "cheat" days helps them lose weight. For instance, eating low calories diet 3 days of the week and then eating more relaxed the other 4 days. Do you recommend that with your clients? Or would you recommend a consistently healthy diet?
I would love to read about diet and energy levels. I feel like I consume a ton of healthy foods- baked chicken breats, plums, pears, apples, broccoli, salads and only drink tea/water/juice but I don't feel as energetic as I think I should. Any thoughs?
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