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What exactly does immune function influence beyond colds and flu? How about nearly everything!

Posted Jul 19 2011 5:30pm

Many people think of colds, flu and similar health conditions when they think of the immune system.  The basic thought process is, the immune system attacks viruses and bacteria when they enter the body, help the body to fend off sickness or heal after an illness. But immune health means so much more than that.

For example, do most people know that allergies are a direct result of an over-aggressive immune response ?  Do they also know that immune response can be a big part of j oint and muscle inflammation ?  Or how about cellular inflammation ? That affects heart disease, obesity, etc. And don’t forget digestive health, where 70% of immune response starts. Digestive tract microflora, also known as beneficial gut bacteria, helps drive overall immune response , absorption of nutrients into the body, even brain health and cognitive function.

And I’m sure I haven’t even begun to cover all of the health ramifications of good immune health.

So when you talk about maintaining a healthy, balanced immune function,  just know it’s much more than colds and flu.

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