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What Does Living on Purpose Really Mean?

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:31pm
My theme, tag line, motto, catch phrase or whatever you want to call it for “Guide to Life for Women” is: Live Well. Live on Purpose. Live Your Dreams. I italicize “Your” in the last line because everyone’s dreams are different.

But what does "live on purpose" really mean? To me living on purpose is about making choices everyday that are in line with what drives you, what is truly important to you as a woman. Living on purpose is about first finding out what your passions are in life, you may have more than one, I do. For me, one of my passions is poetry. I know it is a passion because I thoroughly enjoy it and hours will pass before I even realize that I have “wasted” the afternoon writing poetry. That kind of “time loss” is what I consider to be an all-consuming passion.

Now what about purpose? I think passion and purpose go hand in hand. We all have unique talents, we all have things we truly enjoy and it is within the culmination of blending your passions with a purpose that is the reward. Are there steps you can take daily that allow you to blend passion with purpose?

Starting a life journal is one way to discover your passions and your purpose. I call mine the Dream Wizard. I have divided it into sections like:  Personal Development for the Body-Mind-Soul, Hobbies and Interest, Advanced Learning and Research, Health and Fitness, Spirituality/Community/Relationships, and Professional Goals.  Each of these major sections also have sub-sections.   

Your Life Journal or Dream Wizard can have sections and tabs that are important to you. 

In my Journal (The Dream Wizard) I have pages under each section as shown above where I can record my thoughts, goals and intentions, or even revelations and epiphanies.  Throughout the process of beginning and continuing to add ideas and such to the pages in my Dream Wizard I have discovered things about myself along the way.  One of those things is my true purpose. 

I hope that you, my readers, will also take a few moments to get yourself a 3-Ring Binder and section it off with tabbed pages and start writing down things as they occur to you.  A little mind-mapping can go a long way to ordering your life and revealing your passions and purpose. 

One last note:  Imagine a cat (if you’ve ever had one you’ll know).  A cat, by its very nature, is a purposeful being.  If you call out to a cat and it does not come running like a dog it is because there is no desire or purpose attached to coming your way.  If a cat moves from the windowsill to the chair it has a reason, there is a purpose…perhaps it wants to stretch out a bit.  By watching a cat you will realize that felines in general do not move an inch without purpose.  Every single move a cat makes is thoughtful and backed by a purpose.  It would behoove us to be a little more feline-like.

Live Well.  Live on Purpose.  Live Your Dreams.
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