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What does healthy, wealthy & wise mean to YOU?

Posted Dec 13 2008 1:07am

Being a light worker, I get to have some pretty unique conversations with interesting people about things that really matter.  Along this course, I have the privilege of fielding some pressing questions that people have.  Some questions are presented to me over and over and it’s one of them that I’d like to share with you today.

Hands down, the question (it’s formed as a statement, but it’s really a question to people - despite how they frame it - because they want an answer) I hear the most is, “If Law Of Attraction worked, everyone would be rich and everyone would drive Mercedes and no one would work.”

And I always say, “Really?  Everyone wants to be rich?  Everyone wants a Mercedes?  No one wants to work?  Let’s talk about this.”  These are assumptions we make, but none of them are true.  Some people want to be rich.  Some people want a Mercedes.  Some people don’t want to work.  Now, those last 3 statements are more likely to be true than the first 3.

Does everyone want to be rich?  I think many people would like to be their version of “comfortable”.  There are still many people in the world that believe asking to be rich is greedy, so they just want a nice big piece of the pie without feeling like they’re hogging it all.  To some people $100,000 is “rich”.  To others, it might take many millions stacked end-to-end to make them feel rich.  Perhaps if some people were able to pay off their home and their cars, that might be enough to make them feel rich.  There are probably as many ways to define “rich” as there are people.  In fact, some people may not even count money in what means “rich” to them.  Maybe rich means not having to punch a clock, or being self-employed, or letting their wife stay home instead of working, or having a summer cabin in the mountains, or taking their whole family on a yearly vacation every year, or having a certain golf membership or driving a certain car… or having peace of mind.  Rich means many things to many people.  Does everyone want to be rich?  It’s probably safe to say yes, but what each person defines as “rich” may surprise you.

Ask 100 people what their dream car is - what they’d buy for themselves if money were no object - and only a portion of them will say Mercedes.  Some will want classic muscle cars of a delicious vintage.  Some will want Hummers.  Some will desire classy european cars.  Some will want pacific rim low riders.  Some may even want a beat up old pickup truck.  Some may want a bicycle or a really nice motorcycle (whatever that might mean for them).  Do you see what I’m saying?  Not everyone has the same taste.  Not everyone wants the same kind of car.  Not everyone thinks a Mercedes is all that.

Does everyone want to say goodbye to work?  A lot of people probably do, but probably just as many would rather switch to meaningful work.  I know for me personally, I’ll always have some work to do because it excites me and gives my life more purpose.  For me, the luxury is being able to choose the kind of work that I do and for whom.  I think that’s the case for a lot of people.  They enjoy having meaningful work - not necessarily work that’s meaningful to you or me, but work that’s personally meaningful to THEM.  Wouldn’t it be exciting to get up every morning and do work that YOU actually thought was important and that YOU actually thought was making a difference in your world?

So what’s all this got to do with Law Of Attraction?  My point is that because marketers target very materialistic things when promoting Law Of Attraction, people assume that if Law Of Attraction really worked people would all pick the same hallmarks of success and that it all has to do with money.  My point is that everyone wants different things and all of these things mean something different to different people.  So everyone that the Law Of Attraction is working for isn’t going to be a carbon copy cutout of everyone else for whom it’s working.

For example… Law Of Attraction is working wonders for me.  I wanted more peace and less negativity in my life and I got it.  I wanted an old-school BMW and I got it.  I wanted hearing aids and they’re on their way.  I wanted to go to school and I get to go starting this semester.  I wanted to become a seasonal tax professional and I did it.  There have been so many things I wanted and I’ve received them.  I have so many awesome things popping in my life right now that sometimes I’m in awe - it all seems like a miracle.  But that’s just the Law Of Attraction at work.  Now look at my list of the great stuff I said I’ve manifested in this paragraph… was any of it stuff you wanted too?  Probably not and that’s okay.  What makes me feel fortunate may not be what it takes to make you feel fortunate and that’s the whole point of this article.

We’re all different.  We all have different ideas of “rich”, different ideas of “successful”, different ideas of “healthy”, different ideas of “happy”, different ideas of “wise” - you name it.  So just because all Law Of Attraction practitioners don’t have a bunch of stuff YOU want, doesn’t mean it’s not working for anyone.  It also doesn’t mean that Law Of Attraction only works on material things.  Some people would trade all the riches in the world for good health, or peace when they close their eyes at night, or for a great mate.  There are many things to want in this world and not all of them involve riches, Mercedes, or not working.

So… what is that you desire?  What does it take to make you feel fortunate?  What does “rich” mean to you?  What would you drive?  Do you want to stop working or do you want meaningful work?  Are you preparing the way for what you want in your life?  If you need help figuring out what would mean the most to you to have, how to prepare the way, how to manifest the things you want, etc., contact me at cindi [at] wholyone [dot] com to arrange for some confidential one-on-one help.  The new year is fast approaching.  Do you really want to go through another year without accomplishing some of the things you’d like to be, do or have?  The best time to start is always right now and you get a fresh start at every moment.  Let’s talk!

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