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What Does 11:11 Mean?

Posted Nov 11 2013 2:57pm

Before we get to number fun, I want us all to take a moment and honor all of the beautiful veterans who served and continue to serve our country. Every day, many special men and women across the country bless us with their committment and service . Thank you, veterans! We are sending love and light from our hearts to yours.

Okie doke. So, I thought today would be a really awesome opportunity to tackle a question I get a lot, which is,” What is up with all these repeating number sequences?” The Universe communicates to us in many ways. It communicates to us through people, situations, addictions, disease, music, writing, meditation, etc. It also communicates to us through number sequences. You might be repeating numbers like 111, 444, or 777 license plates or you might look at the clock at 11:11, 3:11 or, 4:44 often. 

When we see 11:11 , it’s a really radical opportunity for us to propel all of our manifestations into reality because all of our thoughts are manifesting at rapid speeds. You might feel really energized or a lot of pressure to get things done and that’s part of this day’s significance. It’s nothing to freak out about, It’s nothing to get anxious about. It’s nothing for you to fear or think that you have it wrong and, because you’re not doing what you love, you’re screwed. It’s quite the opposite, actually.

As long as you check in with yourself, act from a place of love, and are acting according to your guidance, you can trust and fully know that everything is unfolding as it should for you. All of these situations in your life are happening FOR you and not TO you. Any problems that you’re experiencing are actually opportunities for you to step into the light – step into your light – and see the blessing in the situation. 

11:11 is a powerful reminder to you that YOU are so powerful … so powerful that you have the ability to co-create with the Universe by letting that spirit flow through you and let ideas come to you that will propel you in the direction that you are meant to go.

Stay lovely,

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