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What Do You Need to Know about Extending an Acer AS10D31 battery Life?

Posted Jul 23 2013 7:49am

When it comes to knowing how to extend  Acer AS10D31 battery, there are a few vital aspects that need to be taken into consideration. If you travel often and also work while travelling, you need a battery with longer life. It simply makes no sense at all if you bring your laptop on a trip to work when you cannot use it due to lack of power. It is always a good thing to bring along an extra battery with you on your trip. However, it is still better to exercise proper energy saving steps to prolong your laptop battery life. Given below are some of the most important considerations on how to extend your battery life:


Reduce the screen brightness when you are using your laptop. Laptops use up a large amount of power in an effort to keep bright screen levels. If you need more  Acer battery  power for carrying out different computing tasks and processes, you will have to stick with a darker screen. However, make sure that you are still able to clearly read through the text displayed on the screen while adjusting the display. This seems like a win-win thing for you. With a darker screen, you cannot only save power, but also reduce strain on your eyes.


When you are not using your laptop, keep it in a hibernate mode or sleep mode. There is a quick button on your laptop that you can use to get a desired type of activity. Just closing the cover of most laptops can place them in standby mode. When active, your laptop is consuming a huge amount of power to spin the hard drive. But, when your computer is in hibernation, the hard disk drive stops spinning, and thereby conserving the precious amount of power. These tips could help you extend the lifespan of your  battery for Acer AS10D31.


External computer peripherals consume a lot of battery power; therefore you need to do away with these peripherals such as mice, external optical drives, external hard disk drives, etc. One idea is to unplug these peripherals from your laptop when you are done using them, so they will not drain battery power. In fact, laptops come with a touchpad, so you can make do without a mouse.


Avoiding unnecessary applications is another important step towards saving your battery from getting depleted at a fast rate. Focus your attention on tasks that you need your laptop for and try not to get diverted by unnecessary applications that will add any extra burden on your laptop battery. You must understand the fact that playing games, watching videos, or listening to music will cause your battery to deplete at a fast rate. Avoid running too many applications at once. Your laptop will need to work harder to run multiple applications at a time, thereby consuming a lot of battery power. Stick to the most important tasks only and you will have more time to finish them. To ensure that you prolong your  Acer adapter  and battery life, act on these tips and suggestions.


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