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What Do You Know About Krill Oil?

Posted Jun 22 2010 10:49am

Gravid_krillI have to admit, my first exposure to krill was from the movie “Finding Nemo.” Remember when Dory said “Whales don’t eat clownfish; they eat krill”? (In Norweigan, krill means “whale food.”) Today, dietary supplement manufacturers are learning about the nutritional benefits of krill and offer the oil as an alternative to fish or flaxseed oil, but not without some controversy.

Krill oil is made from a species of krill called Euphausia superba that lives in the Antartic. Krill is a crustacean similar to shrimp and despite their small size, they make up the largest animal biomass on the planet with an estimated 500 million tons roaming in the Antarctic and Northern Pacific Oceans.

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