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What do you do to get rid of a bad headache when Ibuprofen doesn't work (please, non-drug options only!).

Posted by Living-Learning-Eating

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migraines usually occur after seratonin levels drop then elevate. Unfortunately we can't tell when seratonin drops in our body so we can never predict a migraine. But it's usually said that these drops occur when you give your body a typical busy routine and then "crash" on weekends. The level of "at work" your body is has changed & thus a routine change in your homeostatis causes that headache pain.  

Chamomile tea helps elevate seratonin levels (so if you have no weed allergies) try sipping on a cup everday before you sleep and see if that does any affects in preventing migraines.

 Secondly - it is said that a liver & kidney cleanse is beneficial to prevent and reduce migraine headaches.  include plenty o fvegetables especially dark leafy greens.. or even juicing. reduce meat intake & remember to journal all the triggers of headaches. 

when did u get it, 

what caused it ...etc.

 Best of luck!!


You can try Hyland's Migraine Headache.. This formula works fast to relieve migraine headache pain without aspirin, caffeine or sedatives. Just 100%, non-drowsy natural relief. Hyland's Migraine Headache Relief provides relief from the symptoms of migraine headaches. This all-natural formula is free of aspirin, acetaminophen and caffeine.



Hope this helped! 

Does that help when you already have the migraine, or only for preventing them? It's crazy to think that feeling so physically miserable could be psychologically rooted, but I *do* have a big decision to make and it's kind of been stressing me out... Thanks for the advice! :)
It seems this is a migraine, and in my experience the root is psychological. Are you finding yourself in a difficult situation, and don't see a way out of it? Look at that root problem and work on solving it. Probably, it is not something you can do in a day. Do relaxation exercises, and in that state ask your higher self for a guidance toward the solution of your problem, which is causing your headache. For inducing relaxation, there are many CDs, recordings of sounds, music etc. Your first step you have already taken in recognizing that there is no resorting to drugs for a relief! I wish you a good outcome on your journey of learning about yourself, and thus saying good-bye to migraines!
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