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What comes out when you’re squeezed?

Posted Nov 24 2008 3:12pm

I’m listening to Wayne Dyer’s audio book called, “Choosing Your Own Greatness”.  I love Wayne Dyer.  I’ve been reading him since I was a teenager and my mom had a copy of Your Erroneous Zones on her bookshelf.  I consider him my spiritual “Dad” in that whenever I’m in need of good fatherly advice, I dig into something by Wayne Dyer.  When it comes to good advice, he’s even better than the ghost of my Uncle Emmett, but Uncle Emmett’s ghost is a whole ‘nother blog ;).  Anyway, I’m finding nuggets of yummy goodness that are just so exciting, I had to share them with you.

One in particular is a fantastic analogy Wayne Dyer makes about oranges.  He asks the audience what would come out if you squeezed an orange really hard.  Well, orange juice would come out.  Then he asks if it matters who is squeezing the orange.  And well… you know it doesn’t matter, right?  No matter who squeezes the orange, orange juice will come out.  Why?  Because that’s what’s inside! So then he takes this same analogy and applies it to people.

When you squeeze a person, by whatever means, what’s going to come out?  Whatever is inside them.  It could be anger, resentment, bitterness, hatred or a zillion other things.  Or it could be grace.  It doesn’t matter who does the squeezing or why they’re squeezing.  It’s easy to say, “I had _____ reaction because of what so-and-so said,” but that isn’t true.  The only kind of juice you get out of an orange is orange juice.  The only kind of juice we’re going to get out of you is what’s inside you.  We don’t do anything because of anyone else.  We do whatever we do because that’s what’s inside us.  The world is squeezing and we are just dripping with whatever is inside us.

When you’re squeezed, what comes out of you?

Once you get rid of all the negativity, all the anger, the hurt, the jealousy, the rage, the bitterness, the sense of unfairness or whatever bad stuff is in there, there is only grace.  Once there’s only grace, nothing anyone says or does can ruffle you.  No amount of squeezing by anyone is going to make anything other than grace come out of you.

There’s an old saying that says, “He who angers you, conquers you.”  Well, you conquer yourself because you’re the only one with the power to decide to be angry or hurt or sad or bitter.  No one else really has that power over you.  You don’t have to be offended when someone insults you or your intelligence.  You don’t have to be angry when someone lets you down or cuts you off in traffic.  You don’t have to be hurt over the words of another.  You can make a different decision.  You don’t have to put your peace away just because someone does something you don’t like.  You can just say to yourself, “Aren’t people funny?” and let it go.  Big deal!  So what!  You don’t have to let an external happening affect the peace you have inside.

Watch for my upcoming workshop “Breaking Out of Negativity” to learn more about building real peace inside yourself and deciding what kind of “juice” comes out of you when squeezed.  The workshop is 3/4’s of the way done and I’m almost done with the worksheets, so it’ll be released very soon!

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