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What Coffee Means to Me..

Posted Nov 25 2013 10:33am

It’s 4:30 in the morning, and as I write this post the sky is pitch black..just like the coffee I have sitting next to me. I find mornings like this to be so peaceful, and I will wake up earlier than I have to just to enjoy some quiet time (I work at 6.) There aren’t many things in life more magical to me than that first sip of morning coffee. I love the flavor of coffee, but I think the real reason I enjoy coffee so much is deeper than just the taste.


Coffee reminds me of calm, casual mornings like this. When the world is still asleep, aside from a few morning birds like myself. It reminds me of home, with warm bed sheets and a snugly kitty. It reminds me of crisp fall days in a pumpkin patch with a double cupped tall Pike roast in my hand. Foggy mountains covering tall evergreen trees with their grey mist. Coffee reminds me of time spent catching up with friends, either in a coffee shop or at home. I adore coffee shops.

Not my photo, but how gorgeous! Take me here with a stein of coffee.

Not my photo, but how gorgeous! Take me here with a stein of coffee.

Also, if I am going to keep it real, coffee reminds me of an excellent morning because 90% of the time it aids in the final step of my digestion. How’s that for a PG-13 descriptive play on words? I had to..I suppose since we’re on the topic of coffee this would be the perfect segue to gush about how obsessed I am with the burlap sack coffee gift bags that Starbucks has right now. Spoiler alert for my dad, I hope he’s not reading this post. Although it should be no surprise that my family is getting coffee for Christmas…who doesn’t like coffee?

20131122-113650 I DIE! The best part? This bag is FREE when you buy any pound of the Christmas blends. Seriously, Starbucks needs to hire me for marketing..I would sell a ton of stuff because I LEGIT love it too. It’s a good thing I have a tight grip on my wallet or I would be in serious trouble. ALL the things!

I am going to need an entire garbage truck full of coffee to power me through my half marathon in six days! Ohhh dear. I am surprisingly calm about the entire thing right now despite minimal running in my world these days. I did go for a 5 miler in 35 degrees last week to get my legs moving and my lungs burning. Just when I thought I was going to die an elderly woman out walking (seriously, badass) told me I was ambitious.

snow run I wore pants, and a top, but I assume I took on the spirit animal of these bare skinned men and was basically flying through the air when she saw me. Whatever it was that caused her to speak such nice words gave me an extra boost to finish strong. It’s going to be a long 13 miles. If someone could volunteer as tribute to bring me coffee at the end, I’d appreciate it.

Q: What does coffee (or tea!) mean to you?


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