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What Causes Acne And The Best Acne Treatments

Posted Apr 03 2009 11:18pm 1 Comment

An fantastic remedy for the more mulish forms of acne, bubutober pus, wouldn’t it be wonderful if a magic spell fixed acne.

Ah but Madam Pomfrey fixed her nose back in the end. Admit it haven’t we all tried pull off an Eloise Midgen and resorted to acute measures to drive acne away? While we may not have the capacities to curse spots off our faces, there’s certainly an extensive list of worse routes to remove acne. Most people end up seeking some sort of acne remedies to help them with the blemishes.

What is it that causes acne? While it’s correct that stress, cosmetics and detergents (like wicked shampoos and toothpaste) worsen acne, they are not the direct sources of your spots.

This is going to be due to your genes ( if your family were pimply in their youth, you know who to blame ) or other circumstances that would lead to this imbalance are puberty, menopause, pregnancy and monthly periods among them. So if you have a mate who has very clear skin, curse the genetic lottery and take better care of your skin instead of trying to imitate his / her lack of a skin care routine. While others go without delay to the source and have hormone treatments to lessen their acne, this is going to be costly and overkill in minor acne cases, sort of like swatting a fly with a nuclear bomb.

Too much of it (say, a huge splash on top of the blemish) will dry out not only the pimple, but the encircling skin as well, creating more damage. The easiest way to apply it is to spread it often over the target area, so that not merely will the pimple dry out, but future breakouts will be stopped as well, at least according to Dr Arcilla. The latter is best left for body acne,eg blemishes on your back and chest, whilst facial acne is best treated by the less concentrated variants. Don’t forget that if you treat it early, you can minimize scarring due to more blemishes. instead of treating just the surface, go for an acne management program. In the long run, processes which mix a good skin care regimen and acne treatment will work best for you. Blemishes may not be eliminated in a week, but there is a heavy 30- to 40-percent reduction of acne in 1 to 2 months which is a very acceptable success rate to begin with.

Today there are may treatments available, and certainly you have a good chance that one of them will work in your case. The best treatment and remedy for the acne is to read a book called “Acne Free In 3 Days”. It is the best book that has been released and is the most popular used book in america for acne.

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Simple homemade remedies also help in treating acne.Personally ,I tried applying a mixture of baking soda and water over the affected area till it dried, and then rinsing it with lukewarm water..Within 3 days the acne was gone !!
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