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What Can I Do About Somebody’s Halitosis

Posted Mar 11 2009 3:18pm

It is a nightmare for an individual to be in conversation with a close friend or family member with bad breath. That experience is so traumatic and can even make some people vomit.

You will have difficulties concealing your facial gestures expressing disgust at that person’s breath.

This is a very difficult situation to deal with especially if the person who has bad breath is someone close to you. The normal reaction for most people who is talking to a person with bad breath is to get away as quickly as possible. Usually people will be courteous and just be diplomatic about the situation. Given all these rationale, it is still important that bad breath is being dealt with compassion.

The first thing to do is be accountable if one has it. Each individual is responsible to take good care of his or his teeth and keep good oral hygiene.

This first step is already a preventive measure for bad breath. If you have this he or she should be more assertive in finding solutions that will eradicate this condition. You do not want to be criticized for having a foul breath yourself. Also, some people who talk to people with bad breath feel like they are being tormented or tortured in the process. If you have exhausted all means and still have foul breath, then it is best to seek professional help from a doctor or a dentist.

Telling Others

Dealing with the situation is a painful one. It is very, very difficult for anybody to tell a person with bad breath that he or she has it. Often this will result in denial or argument.

Halitosis occasionally is a outcome of a medical concern. It does not always come from a poor oral hygiene. That is why some people who have it are not aware of this condition. It may be very difficult to tell someone but it really is still the best action to take. For all we know you are saving that person’s life and future. Be pro-active about the situation.

There are two ways to address this condition. First is to open up the issue of bad breath during the conversation. In this manner, the condition is being dealt on a friendly, non-intrusive manner. In the process, you may offer a mint or gum. The second approach is to simply offer the person a piece of gum or mint and compassionately tell the person that he or she may need to see a physician to find out what causes the bad odor emanating from his or her mouth. There are some cases that you just have to be brutally frank because some people who have this condition are simply dense or clueless. This is a very difficult thing to do but it needs to be done. A real friend will not lie to you.

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