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What are your armpit muscles called?

Posted Jan 06 2010 8:39am
Ouch. Can't. Move. My. Legs. or. Arms.

Nah, it's not THAT bad, but I'm a hurtin' unit at the moment. Thereby illustrating exactly how long it's been since I had a good workout! Although I'm alread moving better since I awkwardly fell out of bed, I would have to say my hamstrings and armpits hurt the most.

Armpits? Yes, armpits. I guess those push ups etc. got at some unique little muscles in there and now they hurt. Or, the aching armpits could be a clear indication that my actual pushup muscles are so weak that I was doing them incorrectly and using my armpits to compensate and struggle my body up and down from the floor! I prefer to just think I'm sculpting all of the muscles in my upper arms and shoulder girdle.

Anyhow, today's big plan is to take down all of my Christmas decorating stuff. It is absolutely killing me that it is Jan 6th and it's still a winter wonderland in here! I usually get rid of it all as soon after Christmas day as I can. This year, I guess I failed at that. And it shows. It's just one fantastic-y Christmas mess in here - gifts strewn all over the floor around the tree (not even under the tree anymore), one stocking fell off the mantle and is still laying in front of the fireplace, there's a stack of gifts to go upstairs to be put away, my husband spilled the rice container yesterday morning and the pile of rice is still on the floor, my table centrepieces are all dried and brittle...I can't wait to get rid of it all.

Note: the rice is not part of our normal decorating scheme. I was just too lazy to vacuum up the rice yesterday so I scooped it into a nice little pile, knowing that I'd be vacuuming today after taking the tree down. Ha! Now THAT'S lazy!
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