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What are the Types of Injectable Fillers?

Posted Jan 14 2013 9:39am
Minimally invasive cosmetic surgery has come as a blessing for men and women who wish to enhance their looks and achieve improved self confidence. Among the aesthetic issues, wrinkles and folds on the skin are a major concern. With the advent of injectable fillers, this concern can be effectively addressed. Injectable dermal fillers are used to successfully remove fine facial lines as well as wrinkles. This process can provide immediate and obvious outcomes and hence has become very popular. 

There are different types of injectable fillers available, and an experienced surgeon can recommend the right one for you. Injectable fillers are made up of different materials and can provide temporary to permanent cosmetic results with regard to treatment for fine facial lines and wrinkles. However, the longevity of the results depends on the type of fillers that are used in the treatment. These types of fillers are mainly used to plump a certain targeted area and remove the wrinkles in order to give the skin a smoother look. Before the treatment, a local anesthetic is applied on the treatment area and then the fillers are injected directly under the skin. The process will take not more than 30 minutes and the patient can get back to his or her normal routine soon after that. The duration of the results depends on the amount of fillers used in the treatment and the area where the treatment is done. 

  Effective Injectable Dermal Fillers
  • Autologous tissue/fat injectables comprise the first type of injectable fillers. The fat is harvested from various parts of the body, then purified and re-injected into areas that need plumping up. Fat injections are known to provide extremely good results.
  • Hyaluronic acid injectables are another group of injectables, and include Restylane. Their effect lasts for six to nine months after which re-injections may be required. These are affordable and are not associated with side effects and complications.
  • When it comes to permanent injectable cosmetic wrinkle treatment, medical professionals choose permanent or non-absorbable injectable fillers that include silicone. These come in the form of gel and are injected under the skin. Permanent injectable dermal fillers do give good results, but are also associated with various problems. Therefore, these are not usually used on the face.
When you are planning to undergo treatment using injectable fillers, consult an experienced plastic surgeon. Treatment provided at a reputable plastic surgery center will ensure that your cosmetic enhancement procedure is safe and gives you excellent aesthetic results. 
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