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What Are the Different Types of Acer Laptop Batteries?

Posted Jul 26 2013 9:07am

When you are looking for  Acer Aspire One ZG5 battery  replacement, there are certain aspects that need your attention. First of all, it is imperative for you to know about what types of batteries are available in the market. There have been a number of technological advancements in the computing industry and laptop batteries are no different. There are actually three major types of laptop batteries available in the market today. Understanding the difference between them would help you decide what type of battery to get when the time arrives. In this article, you would be able to explore some essential facts about these batteries and their concerned pros and cons.


Nickel cadmium batteries have been used since the very long time. They are the first rechargeable battery ever in the history. Manufacturers had a keen interest in these batteries, because they were cheaper and had a high output. However, you would not be able to find nickel cadmium batteries being used anymore, mainly because of them being bulky, and not as effective as the latest  Acer laptop batteries. These are the major reasons why they have become nearly extinct.


Nickel Metal Hydride batteries can still be found all over the world, especially for older models. The introduction of nickel metal hydride batteries was a major step in the computing industry, as they were more reliable and effective than the nickel cadmium batteries and they even had a higher output. They were also fairly affordable and safer to use. However, the only problem with these types of batteries is that they have a memory effect. This is because, if you do not recharge your battery to its full capacity, it will remember this and will provide you less than perfect output.


Lithium Ion batteries like a  battery for Acer Aspire One ZG5  are most commonly used in laptops today. They are used in the majority of the newer laptop models due to their efficient properties and benefits. As opposed to the Nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium ion batteries do not run into memory effect. Moreover, they are significantly lighter than Nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries. Both of these benefits make lithium ion batteries the most popular and pricey notebook power sources. However, no matter what type of battery you go for, you should also consider your budget limitations and specific demands. Making a well-informed decision could be the best thing that you can do to save a few precious bucks.


With that said, you may be wondering what type of battery you would really need to satisfy your power demands. Buying yourself a lithium ion  Acer Aspire One ZG5 adapter  and battery would be the right thing to do, and if you have sufficient amount of funds in your pocket or wallet, you need to get this one. On the other hand, if you cannot afford lithium ion battery, or your computer is not compatible with that one, then the next thing you could do is get a good nickel cadmium battery. Pay close attention to these facts to decide which sort of battery would address your specific needs and requirements.


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