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What are the Causes and Treatment of Swollen Feet?

Posted Sep 14 2011 5:53am
Swollen feet are a medical condition characterised by presence of excessive fluids in the tissue. It can sometime lead to increase in weight as swelling of body parts takes place. It is also known as oedema. Generally, the force of gravity pulls the fluid down to the lower body parts like ankles and feet hence causing them to swell abruptly.

There are various different causes of swollen feet. Some of them are discussed here. Getting to the base of matter a wrong eating habit or a bad diet could be the cause for swollen feet. Obesity, trauma and drug abuse are some of the main causes of swollen feet. In extreme cases, it can also be caused due to medical dysfunction of kidney, heart, liver or blood vessels too. Salt and carbohydrate are absolutely essential in your diet to prevent the disease. It is also caused as a side effect of birth control or hormonal regulation pills.

In some cases, allergic reactions can also lead to this situation. In this case you must spot the component causing allergy immediately to stop worsening of situation. Hence, these are just few causes of swollen feet. You however must visit the doctor immediately after being diagnosed with the disease and take his suggestion on the true cause rather than passing your own judgement.

The disease however is curable as you have various different treatments for swollen feet. Treatment differs according to cause of swelling, hence once again we know why knowing the cause is so important.

In the initial stages anti inflammatory medicines are prescribed that help in reducing the swelling. Some very basic postures are advised to facilitate keeping the level of your legs elevated because the push of gravity tends to drive all the fluid down. The general treatment procedures generally deal more with changing habits and pattern rather than relying heavily on medication. The foremost thing required is to elevate the legs above the level of heart. This has to be carried out and different ways are used to execute it. Proper nutrition and daily exercise to improve your cardio vascular system and blood circulation is a must. Reduction of salt intake is also a necessary need. Obesity needs to be dealt with as shedding extra weight is a must because swelling in itself increases your weight. Sitting or standing in the same posture or for too long is not recommended as the extra fluid in the tissue tends to drain entirely to your legs aggravating the problem. Hence, these are the basic treatments for swollen feet, the disease is not incurable but visiting a doctor at the earliest is always recommended for the best results and a healthy life.

The golden words would be irrespective of the disease, a good and healthy diet is must. So plan before you eat and make it a point to eat healthy, this alone could reduce half the problem.

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