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What Are The Best Vitamins For Hair?

Posted Dec 02 2010 1:56am

In today’s society we all want to look our best and that includes having a full head of natural healthy looking hair. Diet and good nutrition along with regular exercise is essential in achieving this. The fact is that with the hectic pace that many of us live today it is not always possible to eat properly and get enough exercise. Due to this we all need to know which are the best vitamins for hair to be concerned about that will help us achieve great looking hair and protect us from loosing it.

The best way to get these essential vitamins is of course through a well thought out diet or by the use of supplementation. Let’s look at some of the more important vitamins to be aware of.

First you need to be getting adequate supplies of vitamin A. This helps prevent hair follicles from drying out. It is essential for healthy cells in your body and that includes hair. Vitamin A comes from foods such as liver, spinach and other green leafy vegetables and fortified milk.

B complex vitamins are probably the most important if you want to have a full head of healthy hair. This is a group that consist of 8 individual vitamins. Be aware that if you drink a lot of water or other liquids these are flushed out of your body due to the fact that they are water soluble. In this case you may want to consider supplementation.

Probably the most important vitamin in this group to assure that you have healthy hair would be biotin. This is also commonly referred to as vitamin B7. Your body naturally produces biotin in the intestine. For people that have any type of intestinal disorder this may result in a biotin deficiency. If you fall into this group it would be a good idea to speak with your doctor about correcting this situation orally.

This is a vitamin that manufacturers advertise as being in shampoos, hair conditioners and other products. Save your money as this is only advertising. Being a water soluble vitamin biotin is not absorbed through the skin. This advertising has nothing to do with the health of your hair it only sells their products.

If you are having a problem with split ends this can be caused by a deficiency in vitamin C. Foods that contain vitamin C are citrus fruits such as oranges, potatoes and green leafy vegetables.

In order to have proper circulation you need adequate levels of vitamin E. What this does is allow nutrients to more easily get to hair follicles. Some cereals are now fortified with vitamin E. Other sources would be grains and nuts.

If you maintain the proper levels of these vitamins for hair you should have a full head of healthy looking hair unless you suffer from male or female pattern baldness. In this case you will need to seek other alternatives. If your diet is lacking in these nutrients visit our website for high quality supplements that can help you.   

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