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What A Day...

Posted May 23 2011 8:57pm
Today was the first day of my new crazy workout routine. Today I went in to my first class...I had a wonderful fitness assessment which included my weight, measurements, body fat AND pictures of me in my sports bra....lovely.  I believe they are going to take before and after yes, I have more fun pictures in my sports bra to look forward to. Joy. I was pleasantly surprised by the group makeup- people of all types. Tonight's theme was abs. Basically it was a hardcore abs workout paired with kickboxing. It was a lot of fun actually. I left sweating quite a bit. I actually look forward to going back tomorrow!

So, I got in my car and drove home. I was in my driveway and decided to get a run in. Tonight's C25K routine was Week 6 Day 2 which was a 5 minute walking warmup, a 10 minute run, a 3 minute walk, and a 10 minute run followed by a 5 minute cool down. I ran the first 10 minutes, pretty well. Remember this was after my hour long workout class. Three minutes went very fast. Then, there was the second 10. I was ready to stop, throw in the towel, I was tired and done. But, I persevered. I decided that rather than my normal running route, I would switch it up, so that I could get my mind out of my typical mental breakdown. It worked. I was so proud of myself. Ten minutes went by rather quickly. I am noticing that I am not really winded when I run, my brain just gets in the way. Unfortunately when I finished I looked up what was in store for my next run....a 5 minute warmup, a 25 minute run, and a 5 minute cool down. Ugh. At least today was a successful day, I wonder what is in store for tomorrow. 
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