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What a day, what a day, what a mighty long day!

Posted Apr 13 2009 12:00am
Today was a long long day. And it started by sleeping in so late I forgot my breakfast, snacks, and lunch in the fridge! Well late enough that I got flustered and forgot they were in the fridge but not so late I couldn't grab breakfast at my favorite spot! (I promise I did forget accidentally and not intentionally!!!)

Meal One was a Starbucks Mozzarella and Tomato sammie (toasted!) and a Venti Coffee Frap light. BTW I wrote all the calories down and then proceeded to leave them at school. I will post them tomorrow if I remember.... gee I am full of excuses today, aren't I????

Midmorning my tummy was rumbling. I tried to hold it off with lots of water, but eventually dug this soup cup out of my desk. It was filling! And under 200 calories!

I was still a little full from the soup when lunch rolled around, but knowing it was going to be a long day (I was running errands right after school and then back to school for debate practice), I had a light meal. Three vegetarian dolmades, and a salad with two teaspoons of oil, vinegar, veggies and a hard boiled egg. A lizard dined at our lunch table today. That was a first for me but the entertainment helped me forget about the seasoned fries everyone else was enjoying (or did it really since I remembered I forgot?).

While running errands, I went by TGI Sushi and got the salmon lover and spicy tuna rolls. They don't use mayo in the spicy tuna, just chili paste (it is HOT). The salmon lover has salmon and avocado inside. Don't let the picture fool you... these rolls are HUGE. And they kept me full for almost six hours!

Finally, I enjoyed a sweet treat that the Food Gal wrote about a couple weeks ago. I felt like I was harassing her about these sweet treats from Rubicon Bakery. They are blueberry meringue bites coated in delicious dark chocolate. You get 5 pieces for only 90 calories!!!

So yeah... if you haven't figure it out.... I skipped Zumba again. Seriously, while I have a LOT on my plate the next couple weeks, I also admit I don't have the motivation to go. The first class was so frustrating I almost walked out. I don't walk out. But I may also not go back. Check back Thursday night after I try to motivate myself a little to go to class.
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