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What a Contact Lens for Dry Eyes Can Do for You

Posted Feb 03 2009 10:54pm
by Kaye Fretz

You may not have heard of contact lens for dry eyes. It’s normal to think that there isn’t such a thing. After all, contact lenses are often associated with the causes of dry eyes and not the solution to it. Is there a chance that contacts can actually be a part of the treatment for dry eyes?

Eye Dryness

Moisture and tears are crucial to healthy eyes. We need them to keep the eyes free form debris and other irritants. In some cases though, a number of people suffer from the lack or loss of moisture in the eyes. This can be the cause of dirt getting stuck and making the eyes feel itchy and uncomfortable.

You don’t lose eye moisture for no reason at all. Those who are advanced in age tend to have drier eyes than younger people. Young people though can also get the condition under certain circumstances. Working in a dusty place, staring for long hours at a computer and staying long in an air conditioned room could dry up your eyes. People who wear contact lenses may also get dry eyes.

Dry Eyes and Contacts

There are various kinds of contact lenses. Each may promote eye dryness in a different way. Rigid lenses for example cause dry eyes because they push away moisture. Soft lenses do not repel moisture. They instead absorb eye moisture. Absorption happens when they get dried up themselves. There are also people who suffer from dry eyes due to contact lenses for another reason. They could have been wearing contacts everyday for years. This could lead to lenses gradually rubbing against the cornea.

Treatment for Dry Eyes

No one has ever heard of contact lens for dry eyes in the past. People however were still able to deal with eye dryness and prevent severe eye irritation. One common way of doing that is to treat your eyes with therapeutic eye drops used without your lenses on. Some drops are also specifically made for contact lenses. There moisturizing effects however will eventually fade.

One common sense way of dealing with dry eyes is to take care of your contacts. You should clean your contact lenses regularly. They should also be taken off when you do not need them or when they need to be replaced.

Contact Lenses for Moisture

Contact lenses that do not cause dryness may seem too good to be true. There are a couple of popular brands that now actually sell contacts that protect and prevent against dry eyes. These lenses are able to retain moisture better. This reduces the need to use lens moisturizers. You can get a pair of these contacts to correct your vision to simply ease the symptoms of dryness. They are said to be so comfortable that you could forget that you have lenses on.

Contact lens for dry eyes can truly be your best solution for maximum eye comfort. You will definitely worry less about dry eyes. Visit your eye doctor today for proper diagnosis and ask about getting moist contacts.

About the Author:
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