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What’s Your Real Age?

Posted Dec 29 2011 2:01pm
Do you know your real age—not your calendar age, but the age your body feels it is? I read an interesting article recently on how we can control our aging process.

Of course, we know we’re born, we live and we die—but you do have some control over the rate of aging in your life. “Your Real Age reflects not only your risk of disease, but your risk of disability and your energy level now.” This quote comes from the article I mentioned:  Act Your Real Age: You Control Your Rate of Aging .

As we age, our body starts to slow down and we’re not as limber as we once were; nor do we have the same amount of energy we did as a child. That’s part of the cycle of life; however, you need to decide if you want to increase your life’s longevity or not. “And that means you have to start building defenses in your 30s, 40s and 50s against attacks that may not occur until your 60s, 70s and 80s…meaning you can start to make your real age younger at any age.”

You’ve all probably heard the expression that—You’re only as young as you feel—that’s kind of what the authors of the article I mentioned are saying. You may be 33 or 43 or even 55, but still feel younger because your body’s real age is younger. So, what makes your real age young?

You need to keep exercise as part of your daily routine, eat a healthy diet, relieve your stress, take vitamins and do your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out the above listed link to find out more helpful tips. So, do you feel younger than your age? We’d love to hear from you.

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