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What’s on Your Plate?? … A tribute to EGGS & Protein

Posted Oct 28 2011 11:00am

If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog, you’ve seen before that Leslie and I are big fans of eggs! But, after hearing a presentation about “Maximizing the Benefits of Dietary Protein for Health and Physical Performance” at FNCE, I thought it was time to give eggs (and protein) another shout out.

Why are EGGS so great?

Eggs are packed with PROTEIN which….

¨     Increases Satiety and Helps with Weight Control.  For best satiety, choose a protein source to accompany most meals and snacks.  For instance, you could eat eggs with breakfast, peanut butter with lunch, beans/meat/tofu with dinner, and cheese/yogurt with your snack. For the most nutritious meals and snacks, combine fruits and vegetables with the protein sources above!

¨     Decreases muscle loss (sarcopenia) in older adults by 40% when 1.2 g of protein/kg body weight each day is eaten

       Helps with muscle recovery after exercise.

Do you get hungry just 2 hours after eating breakfast? Try Eggs at Breakfast to Keep you Satisfied Until Lunch!

Eggs are filled with vitamins and minerals (clarification the whole egg is packed with nutrients- don’t go only egg white on me)…

¨     There are thirteen essential vitamins and minerals contained in the egg!!! For more information on the nutrients in eggs check  out this post

Add Eggs to a Salad or Meal to boost your protein, vitamins, and minerals intake!

Hard boiled eggs are a protein packed convenience food.  With lots of different events, relationships, and work grabbing our time, who doesn’t like having healthy options that are conveniently quick?! Keep a batch in your frig and add them to breakfast, to snacks, or to meals that lack a substantial protein source (like the ones listed above).  This way you’ll keep your energy up and stay satisfied throughout the day!

Make Quick Meals with Hard Boiled Eggs! Here is a sesame vegetable stir-fry with a mushroom-egg brown rice sautee and hard boiled egg on the side!

Lastly, eggs are delicious and very versatile (as you can see from my tribute above ;-) ).  So what’s on your plate? Do you have any favorite ways to eat your eggs? Please let us know in the comments!

This post is by Janet Zimmerman, a University of Memphis Nutrition Student and Schilling Nutrition Therapy, LLC Intern. You can follow Janet on Twitter as well at

For more information on the nutrition in EGGS visit ENC

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