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What’s New With Me

Posted May 08 2012 11:24am


After reading Christina’s post where she mentioned me.. I decided I should probably give you all updates on what I’m doing these days!

Lets see, well, I graduated with my RN! Thank goodness. It was a crazy and intense semester and I’m glad that is done. I had to work a few graveyard shifts for school..and let me tell you that was an adventure all of it’s own as I am the furthest person from a night owl.

Anyhow, I’m still working and loving my jobs. My schedule is still pretty crazy because I’m balancing 2 jobs, but hey, I love what I do!

Food wise, I ended up going back on a program with Emma-Leigh. I just couldn’t stay away! Once again, I love it. I am full, lean, and have a ton of energy!

Workouts, I’m doing a Push/Pull/Lower split. I have a 1-2 days of cardio, but they are short sessions..nothing crazy!

Recipes.. I’ve actually been either A.) EAting the same things (still hooked on protein oat bran, broccoli slaw with avocado and turkey, etc). or B.) Making other people’s recipes! I just don’t have the time to create anything new these days.

Anyhow, that is what is new with me! Maybe now that school is over I will have more time to post..or maybe not :) We will see!

Hope you all are doing wonderful!

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