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What’s Jennifer Eating Tuesday

Posted Feb 09 2010 1:38pm

Pepperoni pizza and peanut butter cookies. That is what I ate on Tuesday. Oh no she did not! You say? To be perfectly honestpizza and cookies is exactly what I atebut my own version of it. :) Aside from my regular articlesI decided that it would be quite fun to post what I ate on each Tuesday of the week. HopefullyI can give you some recipe ideasand best of allyou share yours with me! Now if I had a choicepizza and sugary desserts would be all that I eatthen I would go run it off. But in recent monthsI have realized that when I eat bad food all the timeeven if it does not affect my weightoverall I don’t feel 100%. Eating loads of carbs taste amazing at that very moment but a few hours after I’ve practically inhaled 6 slices (yes I said 6 slices) of pizzaI’m ready to crash because I feel so lethargic and can’t concentrate. While eating that way now is not doing much damage to my outward bodyI know my inward body is screaming: Please feed me vegetablesfruitlean proteinanything! So my new philosophy on healthy eating is this: portion control and balance. If you want a cookieeat a cookienot 10. If you want chipseat some chipsnot the whole bag. To balance things outdo not eat too much of one food groupeach meal needs to have a good balance of fruitsveggiesetc.  PersonallyI have a few motivations for wanting to eat healthier:  1.) As stated aboveeating healthy is overall better for my body. My mind is more alertI have more energyand most importantly it lowers my risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.  2.) Having children is in my future. If I want my children to be healthy and activetheir mom needs to be the right example. 3.) I’m not getting any youngerand sooner or laterall of this bad eating will catch up to me when I’m not able to exercise as muchand my metabolism slows down. 4.) I am the main cook of the housetherefore I control much of what my husband eats. So it becomes somewhat of my job to make sure he remains healthy by buying healthy groceries and cooking nutritious meals. So let’s get down to it. What’s Jennifer eating Tuesday:

The morning began with a bowl of sugar free apples and cinnamon oatmeal and a no sugar added vanilla yogurt. While I admitmaple oatmeal is my favoritebut the apples and cinnamon was still good! If I wasn’t out of peanut butterI would have also added in a tablespoon into the mix.

For lunch I had pepperoni pizza! Only this was my recipe. Belowis Pizza Hut’s personal pan pepperoni pizza. This 6 inch pizza is loaded with 610 calories!

Let’s face factsalthough I aim to eat healthierI will never completely cut out pizza and sweets. I do not believe in depriving myself of something that I truly love. Butalong with portion controlI do believe that there are also healthier alternatives to my favorite foods that I can cook myself. Case in point: my own personal pepperoni pizza.


1 Whole Wheat tortilla wrap……………………..90 calories and 13 grams of fiber. Wow!

1/4 cup Ragu Old World Sauce…………………..35 calories

1/4 cup Shredded Skim Mozzarella Cheese…..80 calories

7 Pepperonis…………………………………………..65 calories

Pepperoni Pizza Total: 270 calories

Here is my 9 inch pizza before I put it in the oven for 8 minutes at 400 degrees.

Ahh there’s nothing like indulging on a low calorie pizza with the cheese perfectly melted and the crust perfectly crisp :)

The pizza tasted as good as it looks. The edges were perfectly crisp and the wheat tortilla really brought out the flavor of the sauce. This pizza is a must try and can save you 340 calories!

I also had a fat free honey almond yogurt to go with it. I am usually stuck on eating vanilla yogurt onlybut I must say that this flavor hit the spot.

My afternoon snack was a peanut butter cookie. Wellactually in the form of a bar. Luna bars are 70% organic and are packed with protein and fiber. I was skeptical at first to try thisbecause I thought it might taste like cardboardbut I was wrong! It tasted very much like a peanut butter cookie. I plan to purchase more of these in other flavors.

What’s for dinner? Oven baked chicken fingersroasted garlic potatoesand corn on the cob. While fried chicken is a huge favorite of many peopleI’ve never been a big fan of it. Besides the greaseI do not enjoy avoiding the bones and would rather bite into the meat freely. Oven baked chicken fingers take no time to makeand they slash so many calories that fried chicken would have.

Oven baked chicken fingers:

Take 4-5 frozen chicken breasts and thaw them

Cut each piece into 2-3 strips

Put 2 egg whites in bowl

Option 1: Pour flour or bisquick mix into a ziploc bag


Option 2: Crush baked plain potato chips and pour into ziploc bag

(use chips for an added crunch)

Take each chicken strip and wash it in the egg white

Put 2-3 washed chicken strips in ziploc bag and thoroughly coat chicken

Line chicken on tin foiled baking sheet

Cook chicken for 30 minutes or until chicken is browned and bubbly at 400 degrees

**Sorry for the lack of dinner pictures. I took pictures of it before I atebut for some reason my camera will not display the pictures.

Wellthat is it for What’s Jennifer Eating Tuesday. If you have any ideas for healthy quick lunches or great tasting snack barssend them my way!  I look forward to going grocery shopping this Thursday and hope to stock up on some great eats for when I post what I have eaten next Tuesday. Rememberif you’re trying to revamp your dietgive my philosophy a whirl. It’s all about portion control and balance. I know it can be tough when trying to change your life for the betterso if you find yourself struggling to become healthier and feel like all the odds are up against youremember this simple verse:

Romans 8:31:

“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for uswho can be against us? “

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