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What’s in my Shopping Bag Today? #3

Posted Jul 29 2011 1:31pm

What came home in my shopping bag today?  My lunch break turned into a quick stop at the grocery store for three days of fast and healthy meals.   I’m ready for my weekend now!

For dinners, my three lean protein entrees are frozen shrimp, thin-sliced center cut pork, and chicken drumsticks ($1.42 one sale for 6 drumsticks!).  Each is paired with one main starchy carb — whole-wheat spiral pasta, sweet potatoes, and corn-on-the-cob.  And of course, three clear bags of fresh vegetables for each night, along with a few frozen ones to top off on a steamer pot or roasting pan.

Think colorful diversity of vegetables for each meal, and it’s simple.  If my vegetables look too green, white or yellow, I toss in some frozen crinkle-cut carrots or bell peppers to add a red or orange.  On the one or two nights a week that I have a bright orange sweet potato as my main carb, it’s easy as my “color” is already included regardless of the other vegetables.

Today’s Skinny Secret:  When I have one or two ears of fresh corn-on-the-cob, I consider it my main starchy carb!  Yes, it’s a vegetable, but it’s a high carb, starchy and delicious one.  Since the ears of corn continue a lot of kernels, I don’t cook another main carb for myself.

Another tip:  I have mentioned before that I always grab two avocados a week to add to at least two meals.  Note in the photo that one is black, ripe and ready to go, while the other greener one will be ready in a few days.  It’s a simple auto-pilot shopping routine now.

For breakfasts, I have old-fashioned pure oatmeal, Omega-3 organic eggs and easy-to-use egg whites, along with vegetables for omelets and a variety of fruit, seeds and nuts for the oatmeal or Greek yogurt options.  For lunches, the red-leaf lettuce is the foundation for any homemade salad to bring to the office, tossing on frozen shrimp that will defrost by noon plus leftover vegetables from my “Chop, Chop, Sip” wine dinner prep routine.   I purchased lemon, and plain balsamic vinegar to add to some olive oil for a pure salad dressing.  Or for lunch, it’s my usual crunchy nuts, string cheese and plenty of fruit.

See in the photo my favorite green and white fusion tea for after breakfast and lunch, too.

Vegetarians can easily switch the protein entrees at dinner with hard-boiled eggs, nuts, seeds, beans and other comparable sources of protein.  Again, make certain you don’t skimp on protein, but stay away from the overly processed fake meat with too much salt, sugar or additives!  Read the labels to keep it pure.

Easy Skinny Life’s simple rule for simple meal prep planning, cooking and eating:  Have one high-protein source with only one main starchy carb source  (whole-grain rice, pasta, bread OR potato).  Add a little good fat and tons of vegetables and fruit for big Easy Skinny Life delicious dinners.


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