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What’s Beautiful?

Posted May 09 2013 6:00am

What’s Beautiful?

by Alyssa on May 9, 2013

Okay, so I’m so pumped about this campaign by Under Armour. It’s seriously so great to get a ton of women challenging and encouraging each other to reach any type of fitness related goal they have.

This is what my challenge banner looks like. Choose a goal to state. My goal is to run 13.1 miles in under 2 hours. You can follow my journey and start your own here .

Screen Shot 2013 05 08 at 4.04.49 PM e1368043577984 Whats Beautiful?

I loved what my friend Taylor wrote about yesterday regarding the campaign, so I decided to think about what makes me feel beautiful, too. Thanks girl icon smile Whats Beautiful? .

As young women, we always focus on what our flaws are rather than looking at why we are so special and unique. Society has trained us to believe that being unique or different than everyone else is a flaw. We all want to look a certain way because that’s what is regarded as normal. This needs to change.

Sure, I have my own insecurities, and I am definitely not awesome at remembering I am exercising to feel great and do good for my body, but I usually can catch myself when I notice I am going into the “societal method of thinking”, and awareness is a big step here. If you’re really settled and have been around the online healthy-living community for awhile, you’ll notice that most of the bloggers that discuss healthy-living and fitness methods, aren’t focusing on looking a certain way. Yes, we give tips to tone certain areas of the body sometimes, but being healthy is the priority, not looking like you’re from a magazine with no cellulite and saddlebags on the side of your bum.

Once again, I fall into this category sometimes like most young women and think I need to tone something up more because it’s not “perfect” or muscular enough for me, but having a fight with part of your body makes you mentally unhealthy. We need to find that self-love!

So now that the little rant that Taylor helped me think about is over, onto what makes me feel beautiful. Come up with your own list and comment or blog about it, too! icon smile Whats Beautiful?

  • I feel beautiful when I’m fresh out of the shower and relaxing watching a movie with my family before bed.
  • I feel beautiful right after I wash my face and remove my makeup. (It has its perks, but I love the feeling when I’m not wearing mascara).
  • I feel beautiful when I get done with a great run and am dripping with sweat. I know I did something great for my body.
  • I feel beautiful when I accomplish a goal I’ve been leaping for.
  • I feel beautiful when I’m in my yoga pants. Pretty much my everyday wear icon smile Whats Beautiful? .
  • I feel beautiful when I am putting myself out of my comfort zone and learning something new.
  • I feel beautiful when I spend time with my boyfriend. Of course any girl with a boyfriend should feel this way when they are with that special someone, but it’s just an added bonus to the list above!
What makes you feel beautiful?

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 Whats Beautiful?
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