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Westside Market, Parade the Circle & Tommy’s

Posted Jun 12 2011 10:06pm

What’s a girl to do on her first weekend living in a big city? My first item of business this weekend was making my way to the Parade the Circle , an annual festival presented by the Cleveland Museum of Art. I didn’t stay long — just long enough to get a feel for the event and enjoy the sunshine. It was cool though — check out some of the costumes!

Then I made my way to the Westside Market , which is pure craziness. I didn’t take any pictures so you’ll have to take my word for it. One part of the market has about 30 produce vendors (none of which are local, which kind of confused me) shouting at you to taste this, buy that. The other part of the market is all local stuff — meat, fish, cheese, candy, ethnic cuisine, etc. I purchased some blueberries and three giant sweet potatoes for $2. Look at the size of these things!

I also saw some kale for $1 a bunch, and since kale chips are all the rage in the blogosphere, I decided to try some. Now, I don’t know if I cooked them on too high of a temperature (325) or for too long (20 minutes), but mine came out toally burnt and not very tasty.

It’s a good thing I ate them with my leftover half a sandwich from Tommy’s last night.

Tommy’s is a specialty vegan/gluten-free restaurant literally right down the street from  my apartment. I’ve already been there three times! My favorite thing to order is the CeeCee, which is falafel with tahini sauce, sunflower seeds, sprouts, peppers, tomato and hummus on gluten-free rice bread. They are also known for their milkshakes, including a fabulous “tofutti” shake, which I stopped in for on Sunday when I arrived in Cleveland.

(Chocolate + strawberry tofutti milkshake)

Although delicious, this puppy cost me $7, so I’m not too worried about it becoming a habit.

Especally this week, seeing as I am doing a detox. No worries, there will be no crazy teas or fasting or anything, I’m just going to avoid processed food and anything with added sugars. I’ve been consuming way too much sugar lately, plus vacation is only a week away (!!), so I want to feel my best, both physically and mentally, while traveling.

Instead of a milkshake, I cured my afternoon sweet-tooth with this.

This was an impulse purchase at TJ’s the other day, but it’s one I’ll be making again and again. The best canned applesauce I’ve ever had, hands down. I also turned one of those giant sweet potatoes into these.

A little burnt, but I’m still adjusting to the gas oven in my new apartment.

I had many good eats this weekend, but I think my absolute favorite was dinner tonight.

(Baby greens with tomato, raisins, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, two grilled chicken strips, boiled egg and oil, lemon juice and vinegar on top)

Polished off with one of my favorite snacks.

It’s time to cap off the weekend by turning of the computer and snuggling up with a blanket and a movie. Here’s to another Monday!

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