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Welome to the Beginning

Posted Aug 16 2012 7:26pm
Welcome to The Get Fit Mom Blog! I am so excited to have finally been able to get my own blog up and running. I have spent many hours conducting research and spent just as many adding the content to my pages. A huge thanks is in order to my Mom. She helped me via Skype, pick out the perfect colors to compliment my vision of this blog.

My mom has always been a huge supporter to my goals, and has always been the person in my sidecar along the for the ride. But after all, that's what moms are for. With each diet and exercise program I started my mom would analyze the directions, check over my record keeping journals, upon my request, and check in with me on my success (or defeat) for the week.

Now being a mom myself, I ride along side my son in his adventures. Luckily he was given a great pair of genes and still remains thin and healthy. However, if he needs my help dropping a few pounds, I will be there for him. Being a new mom all over again has brought me up to a new challenge in the weight loss goal.

When my first son was born 12 years ago, I was only looking to lose a little over 70 pounds. Now fast forwarding to today, I need to lose that on top of the rest of the weight I was trying to lose. Having a few minor complications after my second son was born has really left me behind in my efforts to lose weight. I was told that I needed to wait 3 months after having my son to be able to exercise. Even the simple exercises of yoga. Which up to recently I was doing religiously.

So each day I sit and wait for September 13th to be able to get back out there and start my workout again. In the meantime, I can do a couple of laps around the block with my little one in his stroller, but it's not the same.

What exercise did you do after you had your child/ren?

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