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WELLtips: Emergency Care In Case of Bee Sting

Posted Feb 10 2009 10:57am

What do you do if your child is stung by a bee? Don't panic...and follow these important steps.

  • Move away from the bees.
  • Remove the stinger as soon as possible any way you can.
  • The stung child may be allergic to bee stings (check for a WELLcharm, WELLtag clothing label, or other medical alert items). If so, ask her to point out where she keeps an EpiPen and use it.
  • If the child does not have an EpiPen call 911.
  • Some children do not find out they are allergic to bee stings until the first time they are stung; know the symptoms of an allergic reaction.
  • A sting can be life-threatening if it is inside the mouth or throat, or if there are multiple stings. Call 911 in these cases.
  • If the child is not allergic to bee stings, treat the sting with an ice pack and acetaminophen; itching can be treated with antihistamine cream or calamine lotion.
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