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Wellness Journalism: A Breath of Fresh Air

Posted Jan 08 2010 3:57pm
Breathing: Not as obvious as it seems.

Breathing sends oxygen to the cells and keeps you alive. But it is easy to take for granted. A body that gets more fresh air is relaxedhappierand healthier! Incidentallygetting fresh air is less about spending your life on a mountain top and more about breathing into your stomach.

Although the act of breathing is automaticfor most of ustaking deep abdominal breaths does not come naturally. While we are thinking about this-that-and-the-otherimmersed in the worldwe generally breathe into our chests and without filling our lungs to capacity. This shallow breathing gives us enough oxygen to existbut I would argue that it does not give us enough oxygen to grow and thrive.

Deep breathing for an inspired life…

Focusedabdominal breathing is one of the most important physical exercises you can do. It holds your attention within the body and the present momentwhich is preferable to being wedged in some past or future dramatic presentation of the mind. Beyond consciously refreshing your moodbetter breathing will also give you more energyhelp the body eliminate wasteincrease metabolismgive you a better night’s sleepand improve circulationmuscle/joint healthand blood sugar levels.

To breathe into your stomachinhale deeply and evenly through both nostrils. Imagine that you are gathering oxygen (and with it powerenergylovecouragelightsupportmojogood vibrationsclaritypeace) directly from the atmosphereright into your gut. Thenwith your belly nice and fullexhale through the mouth...flushing carbon dioxide (and with it every toxictense thought or feeling within you) out into the world for recycling.

Concentrate on breathing deeply
  • Whenever you feel anxiousafraidnervoussador angry.
  • For five minutes when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night.
  • While stretchingexercisingeatingand walking.
  • Before and after exams or quizzes.
  • Anytime you remember.
Don’t exhaust yourself. Use breath to reduce pollution in your internal environment!
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